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How to Get 2nd Chronicle Gear in Dungeon Fighter Online

In DFO, Chronicle equipment is one of the important equipment to beat the monsters, last article (How to Make Gold Fast in Dungeon Fighter Online: Section 2) has refer to it. There are three categories of chronicle items: 1st Chronicle, 2nd Chronicle, and 3rd Chronicle. All these items require a lot of materials and involve lots of grinding, but they are generally extremely powerful.

Here MmoGah shares some useful dfo strategy and guide for the 2nd Chronicle item.


The 2nd Chronicle item is an upgrade from the 1st Chronicle set. However, unlike the 1st Chronicle set, the 2nd Chronicle gear is obtained through mostly random drops from the Otherverse dungeons. The otherverse dungeons contain powerful monsters and hard dungeons. So many players want to enter otherverse dungeons, beating the powerful monsters, easily to get the 2nd Chronicle gear.


dfo otherverse


There are four restrictions to enter otherverse dungeons as follows:

Enter any of the otherverse dungeons only 2 times a day.

Organize a party of at least 2 people in order to enter (except for the Single variant dungeon).

Each player limited to use 8 life tokens for each dungeon.

Required Level: 70 or higher.


How to get 2nd Chronicle gear? This is key point that all players concerned.


No.1 Random drop from three Otherverse dungeons: Goblin Kingdom, Castle Nebulous, and Rangelus's Guerrillas.


dfo dungeon name


Actually certain pieces only dropped on a certain difficulty, in order to hunt the specific monsters, it's best to divide DFO into grade, it is easily to see where they drop.

Easy: Ring, Necklace, Belt, Pants, and associated Recipes

Medium: Weapons, Bracelet, Head/Shoulder, Top, Shoes, and associated Recipes

Hard & Ultimate: Everything in lower difficulties as well as 2nd Chronicle Set gear.


No.2 Buy from Natalia Sue


You can exchange Interdimensional Fragments for Chronicle equipment.

Natalia Sue locates in Saint Horn, she is a Sword Master, a 2nd Chronicle Merchant, and a rival against the Female Slayer.


No.3 Complete the 2nd Chronicle Epic quest chain


After you smoothly finish the quests, you will get 2nd Chronicle Shoes and Necklace.


Though there are many ways to get 2nd Chronicle gear, it also requires lots of time and effort spending grinding these dungeons, it is hard to get it. In order to reach the higher level, upgrade, you can choose buying dfo gold, MmoGah as a professional website, provides dfo gold and dfo power leveling service to you, we also keep updating dfo news  and sharing dfo strategy, so what are you waiting now?



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