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Guide for Passing Tower of Dead in Valley of Fallen Souls Dungeons

John Ryan Date: September 10th, 2015 Views: 12519 dfo tower of dead dfo guide dfo dfo gold dfo power leveling

In DFO, there are NPCS, special dungeons and others. Valley of Fallen Souls dungeon is one of the special dungeons, it contains unique dungeons and no need to consume any Fatigue Points (FP), but rather requires Dreyfus's Invitations or dfo gold to enter. Entering the Tower of Dead consumes one Dreyfus' Invitation.


dfo  Valley of Fallen Souls Dungeons


Valley of Fallen Souls dungeon divides into six dungeons: Tower of Illusion, Tower of the Dead, Altar of Infinity, Altar of Ascension, Tower of Despair and Abysmal Arena. Here MmoGah shares dfo guide to you for passing Tower of Dead.


Tower of Dead (ToD) is a special gauntlet-type area, where you are eager to get as far as you can. It is used for the awakening quest line and also requires a Dreyfus's Invitation. So, you only have 3 of those per day, you can only run this dungeon three times per day. In order to move on ToD, you must defeat all enemies on a floor before going to the next. There are 45 floors in total, and the further you go, the harder enemies you will come across.


dfo tower of dead


There are some restrictions for ToD:

1. You can access starting at level 50.

2. You can’t use the normal consumables or Clear Cube Fragment skills.

3. You can't use tokens here, so if you die, that's it.


How to pass the ToD and get more?


Find special consumables and cube fragments through your tower run and beat the enemies to get them. It gives more rewards when you complete 45 floors.


Figure out ways to complete the run with the most minimal number of cube fragments.


Items will drop after defeating certain enemies. These can be very beneficial and help you considerably, especially as you reach the higher floors. From 38 floor on, the fights start to become extremely difficult, so the items you pick up along the way will come in handy for the upcoming fights.


When we run the ToD, each floor has different monsters, you'll face a wide variety of enemies from the game, as well as many APCs. 


You'll gain Item Cards and extra experience based on how far you run the tower. The further you run the tower, the more Item Cards and EXP you'll get.


If you really want to run the tower smoothly in DFO, I'd still say keeping enough gold, MmoGah as a professional gold seller, provides the dfo gold and dfo power leveling to you.





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