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Forgotten Land Strategy Guide in Dungeon Fighter Online

John Ryan July 24th, 2015 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

As a newly opened area in dungeon fighter online, Forgotten Land is quite hot recently. Players reach Lvl.25 or above can have access to it and can enter one time for your character per day, taking out use of the 30 mins to collect Metastatic Crystals which can be used to purchase items from Joah Ferrero. If you don’t know how difficult the Forgotten Land is or whether it’s worthwhile for grinding or not, you can consult the dfo strategy guide in the below to get some help.

 You can enter the Forgotten Land via the NPC Joah Ferrero, who locates in the Underfoot City. Some players feel suspicious and asks that “Is it one time for one character, or one time for one account?” I will tell you that it’s one time per character. There are six regions in this area, each of them has its unique environment, the weather, ecology etc…

dfo forgotten land

The recommended level for entering the dungeons is as follow:


Recommended Level

Deathly   Harbor


Forest   of Disorder


Mt.   Snowflakes


Vanished   Village


Witch’s   Garden


Tower   of Overwatchers


You should kill all of the 5 bosses before entering the Tower of Overwatchers. You don’t have to clear all the parts, just farm the highest level dungeon that you can handle to collect some Crystals. For example, if you are LvL.26, just farm the first region Deathly Harbor for the whole 30 mins, gathering some Blue Crystals to buy some items. For the last dungeon, I advise you to farm it when reach LvL.70, even though some classes can tackle it at LvL.65. It varies depending on different classes and gears. If you need professional dfo power leveling to upgrade your character to appropriate level for Forgotten Land, MmoGah is a good choice for you.

You may get Golden/Silver Treasure Chests in Forgotten Land, which need Forgotten Key to open. When you encounter Chaser at night, you can get many keys by killing it, however, Chaser is quite difficult for most classes, do not bother it unless you need the keys. By the way, the life tokens can be used when you die in the dungeons.

You may concern about how much EXP you can get from farming the dungeons, I would say that there won’t noticeable boosting EXP when you are higher level, especially considering it is only 30 mins. But you can gather crystals to exchange some EXP potions for use in the later. One tip to remind you is that Dr Herbert, who locates in the Dr Moreau boss sub-room, could turn each crystal into the next grade at a cost of 3 for 1.

If you are fond of challenges, go to try Forgotten Land. My friend used around 20 mins to clear the whole thing with LvL.85 character, so I think it is pretty hard! Equip your character well to challenge the mysteries, directly buying some dfo gold to make yourself more powerful must be a good choice.

You can also receive Daily Limited Quests after finishing the Epic Quests in Forgotten Land, by completing the limited quests, you can get Incandescent Crystals and EXP based on your level, just take your time!

MmoGah, as a professional dfo gold seller and dfo power leveling providing service, has a good reputation among the market, we also provide dfo news and guide for both new players and veterans, if you have any needs for gaming, just contact us at any time please!


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