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Female Mage 2nd Awakening in Dungeon Fighter Online

John Ryan August 17th, 2015 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

Last month we shared the article (Petite but powerful female mage in DFO), now the Female Mage’s 2nd awakening is available, maybe you are curious what is the 2nd awakening difference from first awakening? How hard is the 2nd awakening task? What are the new weapon and skills in 2nd awakening? Here MmoGah will show you the video and the helpful dfo news.


Dungeon Fighter online brings four second awakenings for the Female Mage!



The elementalist controls and manipulates the four elements: Fire, Ice, Light and Shadow. Elementalist’s 2nd awakening is overmind, it needs to reach level 75. Her 2nd awakening cosmetic effect is (swirling around her) a huge burst of 4 elements.

Overmind awakens her true potential, calls her Sixth Element to beat the enemy, this is powerful step.

Whenever you cast magic skills, it activates the talisman. According to the amount of talismans lit, the various elementalist buffs will be powered up.

dfo eclipse



This was an old legend that violent creatures arrived at the ground and ate the creature before the eclipse ends. As time passed, this legend became the old story. But one night of the eclipse, the “second pact "summoners gathered together, they wanted to find the true. So they checked every information and performed a ritual.

So how was the result? This legend was confirmed to be true, the problem happened that the creature arose from the summoning field and slaughtered everything in sight. It was strongest and cruelest, most of the summoners died with suffering, but lucky that some summoners survived from this event. So the leaders of the "Second Pact" ignored the pain and tried to use these summoners. From that, they were known as the "Eclipse".

At level 50, the Summoner awakens as the Lunar Princess. At level 75, the Lunar Princess awakens as an Eclipse.

Her 2nd Awakening cosmetic effect is a magic circle that in front of her.



Battle Mage’s 2nd awakening is Astarte, it needs to reach level 75, the added effect is her gloves glowing blue while she is standing still. This is promoting the battle mage's potential/energy, giving a stronger power. Strength and intelligence, physical attack and magic attack, the lower ones will be strengthened.



Witch’s 2nd awakening is adding the hat in her magic, growing it to massive size and driving away everything around her.



From four second awakenings sound like having a lot of SP invested into the element, so it got some weapon and upgrade skills. If you had not enough dfo gold, it is hard to reach 2nd awakening. The professional website -MmoGah will provide the dfo gold and dfo power leveling service to you. We will update the dfo news to you, it is good for you to concern about us.


















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