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Exciting Events in DFO Are Waiting for You

Shirley Huang September 04th, 2017 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

Good news! Some important events are coming to DFO, and DFO fans are excited for them.

Here would like to share the latest events that from DFO official site.


 DFO ExStream Tournament III

DFO ExStream Tournament returns again for the 3rd year!
Who will come out victorious and reign as the champion of DFO PvP this year?
Now apply it if you think you've got what it takes.



Application Period: Sep 1 - Sep 11 (UTC)

Announcement Contender: Sep 12 (UTC)

Tournament Schedule:

DAY 1 - Round of 32
Sep 15 at 18:00 PDT / 21:00 EDT
Sep 16 at 01:00 UTC / 10:00 KST

DAY 2 - Round of 16
Sep16 at 18:00 PDT / 21:00 EDT
Sep 17 at 01:00 UTC / 10:00 KST

DAY 3 - Winners/Losers Bracket Semi-Finals/Finals

Sep 17 at 18:00 PDT / 21:00 EDT
Sep 18 at 01:00 UTC / 10:00 KST


 Apply Qualification

 High Arena RP (Based on your RP on Sep 12)

 Above Lv. 85

 Must be 19+ years old


Tournament information

Tournament Format

This year's tournament structure and format has been vastly improved! 

[Double Elimination]

32 players will be divided into two groups by region (East and West).

Each match will be Best of Three

Tournament will be played over 3 days, with each day covering at least 1 round of play.

Top 4 players from the Winners and Losers bracket will qualify to play in the tournament finals which will take place in Korea on November 2017.

Tournament Rewards

Prove your mettle against other contenders and be rewarded with these prizes!
All rewards will be given on Nov 21st

Custom Character Figure will be distributed on a different schedule.


Special kNight Live

Are you a daredevil? Perhaps you will be able to distinguish the hidden gems among knights.
Well, you can place your bet after examining each knight’s information! From rags to riches, maybe you won't even need to hunt anymore!

Event Period: Sep 5 ~ Oct 10
Target: All Characters

Get betting coins
Bet with tournament coin, which can be obtained by defeating Champion Monsters the 'Legend of Camelot' event dungeons or purchased from Merlin's Shop. You can spend this coin to special shops, such as Merlin's Shop and Knight's Shop.  

Meet NPC aria

You can find NPC Aria in Underfoot.

Match Schedule

You can only check the UI when a match is in progress. The first match starts from 10 AM (UTC). A new match starts every 2 hours, and a total of 10 matches.

Place your bet

1. In order to place a bet, check the 'Knight Info' tab.

2. Check the information of the Knights and bet on a Knight of your choice.

3. Choose the amount of coins you wish to bet.

4. Time to start SNL!


The Legend of Camelot

Event Period: Sep 05~ Oct 10

Rescue Camelot from danger and prove your strength as a knight!

Accessing the event area

The legend of Camelot Dugeons 

The event dungeons can be accessed by moving downwards from the location of the Round Table.
You can only enter Guild mode in a party of two or more, with party members from the same guild.
Each dungeon consumes 5 Fatigue Points upon entry and can only be entered two times per day.

Common Rewards

You can exchange the coins for various rewards at Merlin's shop and each Knight's shop.
All coins are account bound and deleted on Oct. 10, 2017.

Gold Coin of Camelot can be obtained by defeating Boss monsters in each dungeon.

Tournament Coin can be obtained by defeating Champion monsters in each dungeon.
'Tournament Coin is used to participate in the “Special kNight Live” event.


9th Month, 9 Missons and 9 Chronicles

Event Period: Sep 05 ~ Sep 10

Don't miss this golden opportunity to get a Full Chronicle Set!

Selective Chronicle Set Box

Obtain one 2nd or 3rd Chronicle equipment of your choice.
Account-Bound. Deleted on Oct 10, 2017
(Chronicle equipment is Lv. 70 equipment)


Please Note:

The placement of missions is different per account.

“Donate 999,999 Gold to Seria” mission can be found under NPC Seria's menu.

“Spend 999 fatigue points” mission only counts fatigue points that are used in Optimal Level Dungeons.

After completing a mission, you must click on the mission button to receive your reward.


The last three events will come tomorrow, so many players would choose to buy dfo gold before the events’ coming, and they can strengthen their weapons and arms.


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