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Dungeon Fighters, Are You Ready for DFO Level 85?

John Ryan June 04th, 2015 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   


After having experienced a series of closed and open test, Dungeon Fighters make your dreams come true: the official launch of Dungeon Fighter Online is around the corner, full release of Dungeon Fighter Online is June 9th 2015. Also, Power Station and Max level 85 expansion are to be updated on June 9, 2015. It is your time to show yourselves.


Max Level.85


During the period from Jun 1, 2015 to Max Level 85 Expansion Update, Burning EXP (X2) event will benefit all players. Players could get exp as much as you can to level up. With the expansion of level.85, the difficulties of defeating monsters also increase. Players need to know more concrete arrangements of abilities about your characters, which needs you to generate a unique set of abilities and powerful attack combinations. The controls are easy to use but hard to master. So you should sharpen your abilities continuously during the process of looking for Boss monsters and beating little monsters. Apart from the abilities of discharging skills, you always need to collect enough dfo gold to buy items and materials to improve your characters.



Mmogah is always here to provide current information and good services for Dungeon Fighter Online players. Now, let's mmogah continue to present our services. With the trend of playing Dungeon Fighter Online, players will find that the dfo gold collected from the quest and battle in different maps is not enough for you to develop yourselves. Mmogah will provide best services for you heartily on buying dfo gold, dfo power leveling and current news of dungeon fighter online.


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Now, the expansion leve.85 comes near. For acquiring high EXP and vast dfo gold, Dungeon fighters, are you ready for DFO Level 85 and choosing MmoGah? Come on, mmogah is waiting for you.






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