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DFO: Tower of Anguish Dungeon Is Coming on August 8

Good News! Tower of Anguish Dungeon and a series of activities are coming tomorrow. DFO fans can learn detail contents and ready enough dfo gold in advance. Here MmoGah as one of the best dfo gold sellers would like to share the updated news that from DFO official site.


Tower of Anguish Dungeon

New content:

  1. The Tower of Anguish dungeon will be added to the Valley of Fallen Souls area.                           

2. 100 formidable adventurers have claimed the tower, and they are waiting for some worthy opponents.

3. Your minimum level is 90, and then you can enter this dungeon.

4. You can enter it once a day per account. This entry limit is reset daily at 09:00 a.m. (UTC).

5. Your Explorer Club Level affects your maximum account entry limit. (Not applied to character entry limit)

- Explorer Club Lv. 1-6: Entry count +1

- Explorer Club Lv. 7-11: Entry count +2

6. You can check your remaining entry count in the Dungeon Description/Supporter Selection/Character Selection windows. Your entry count is reset daily at 09:00 a.m. (UTC).


Re-entries & Additional Entries

If you fail the dungeon, you can use Invitations of Anguish to re-enter it.

- Only the character that failed the dungeon can re-enter it.

- Your entry count will increase if you use a character that has not entered the dungeon that day.


New Items

You can find some Material items in the Tower of Anguish.

Tower of Anguish items including the exclusive consumables that have been added to Simona's Shop in the Valley of Fallen Souls (Untradeable).

New Earring items will be added to the Anguish Earring Pots.

Clearance Reward

Fragment of Anguish (Untradeable) – Each floor creates a certain chance of generating up to 7 of this item when cleared.

Seal of Anguish (Untradeable) – Every 50th/100th floor creates 1 of this item when cleared.

New Earring Equipments

Only these equipments can be found as Tower of Anguish rewards.


Show Me the Epic

Event Period: Aug 8 ~ Sep 5

Get it faster than others! Conquer the Tower of Despair and enjoy your free epic weapon!

Just login every week and receive Brilliant Simona's Letter of Recommendation and Simona's Certificate!

Clear optimal level dungeons and catch up the rewards you missed!

- 1st week reward: Clear Optimal Level Dungeon 20x

- 2nd week reward: Clear Optimal Level Dungeon 40x

  • - 3rd week reward: Clear Optimal Level Dungeon 60x


Gotta Pick'em All - King of Pick

Event Period: Aug 8 ~ Sep 5

Just logging in, you can get 3 free plays; clearing optimal level dungeons, you can get 10 or more plays.
How to participate?

Get pick chance
Daily Login → 3 chances
On Optimal Level Dungeon Clear → 1 chance (10x per day)

Run pick machine
Open the Pick Machine and use your pick chances to earn rewards

Get rewards
Rewards obtained from the board are given to your mailbox immediately

Please note:

Optimal Level Dungeons are available at Lv. 17 or above
Pick chances are reset at 09:00 UTC every day. Pick board is reset at 09:00 UTC every Tuesday.
Pick chances/boards are shared by account. 


Here are the rewards you can obtain from the pick board.
You can acquire items by picking up, and they are given to your inventory. If your inventory is full, they will be given to your mailbox.


Grand Opening

Event Period: Aug 8 ~ Sep 5
Support players with Invitations of Anguish and other useful supplies!

Target: Lv.90 Characters

Challenge the Tower of Anguish now!

Login and receive various supplies that will help you into the Tower of Anguish!

Important Notes:

Enhanced Tower of Anguish HP Potion: Restore HP by 50% for 20 seconds    

Enhanced Tower of Anguish MP Potion: Restore MP by 50% for 20 seconds    

Potion of Anguish: Exorcism +500, All Skill cool down 15%. This can only be used in Town.

Enhanced Tower of Anguish HP/MP Potions can only be used in Tower of Anguish.

Potion of Anguish can only be used in town and effects only apply to Tower of Anguish dungeons.


Heritage of the 7 Machinists

Event Period: Aug 8 ~ Aug 22

Applies automatically to all raid groups created during the event period.
This powerful buff will assist you in defeating Anton!

Buff details:

STR/INT +1000

Cast/Movement/Attack speed +20%

All skill level +2

Skill cool down -20%

Defeat anton without the buff for bonus rewards

Successfully defeating Anton without 'Heritage of the 7 Machinist' buff will earn your bonus rewards, which will sent to your mailbox.

You can receive up to a total of 3 Machinist's Raid Support Certificates per day/account

Raid buff can be turned off through Hiram Klauf.

Only Raid Leaders can turn the buff on/off.

Once the Raid begins, it cannot be turned on/off.


Lastly, let us wait for these activities’ coming. 

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