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DFO Three Events Are Coming This Evening

Good news! DFO three events are coming today. Many dfo fans are excited about these events, and many of them would like to buy dfo gold in advance. How to choose a reliable site to buy dfo gold, if you don’t know, please click this article.

Here mmogah.com will share the updated events that comes from the office site.


Dungeon & Driver in Metro Center County

Event Period: Sep 4 – Oct 10

https://static.dfoneople.com/publish/bbs_data_st1_neople/images/pds/289cf0f5ca/taxi.gifDriver informationhttps://static.dfoneople.com/publish/bbs_data_st1_neople/images/pds/289cf0f5ca/taxi.gif

License Issuing
Only Lv. 90 or higher characters can take the Taxi Driver Test.

Taxi Service Rewards

https://static.dfoneople.com/publish/bbs_data_st1_neople/images/pds/d129068c70/2018_08_31_02_23_521.png x # of passenger

After clearing the dungeon with passengers, you will receive driver tokens based on the number of passengers you have.
Driver Tokens are used to purchase items at the Driver's Shop.
NPC Mysterious Taxi Stand

It is located in Seria's Room.
It can teleport you to different areas and you can also access the shop through here.


https://static.dfoneople.com/publish/bbs_data_st1_neople/images/pds/289cf0f5ca/taxi.gifPassenger Information https://static.dfoneople.com/publish/bbs_data_st1_neople/images/pds/289cf0f5ca/taxi.gif

Passenger Rewards

Passenger Token

A token acquired by clearing a dungeon with a driver.
You can purchase items at the Taxi Stand in Seria's Room!


NPC Mysterious Taxi Stand

It is located in Seria's Room.
It can teleport you to different areas and you can also access the shop through here.
Click on the [Passenger] tab to purchase items.


Old Soldiers Never Die

Event Period: Sep 4 – Oct 10

Excelion was one of the deadliest battleships to ever hit the high seas.
It bores the heaviest armament and carried the deadliest weapons.
Its power was unparalleled and feared by all who came across it.
However, time has taken its toll and Excelion is just an old relic.

"Adventurer, I would like to ask you for a favor.
I would like to see Excelion sail the seas again even if it may not live up to its old fame. Can you help me?"


How to participate

[Sailing Area]

Sailing area can be selected with the mouse.

You can only sail to one area at a time. (Because there is only one Excelion.)

The amount of time and Excelion coins (https://static.dfoneople.com/publish/bbs_data_st1_neople/images/pds/9bff85177a/2018_08_30_08_52_362.png) you receive will differernt depending on the area.

When exploring an area, there is a chance a hidden area will appear. Hidden area offers different rewards.


[Battleship Upgrade]

You must increase your power in order to sail to more difficult areas.

You need Mysterious Iron Fragments https://static.dfoneople.com/publish/bbs_data_st1_neople/images/pds/768d8b29a4/2018_08_30_09_19_0214.png to upgrade, which can be acquired by killing monsters in Optimal Level Dungeons.
You can obtain up to 100 Mysterious Iron Fragments per day.

Power can be increased by upgrading your battleship.


[Battleship Awakening]

You can awaken through the [Awaken] button on the bottom right of the UI, once you reach a certain Power.

Based on your level of awakening, exploration time is decreased.

Awakening has 5 levels. You will receive rewards each time you awaken.
Awakening rewards can be received once per account.


Guardians of the Cube

The probe that was performing a routine scouting mission at the deepest part of the sea came across a mysterious object.

It is an energy-generating [Mysterious Cube].


How to participate
Guardians of the Cube dungeon can be entered up to 5 times per day.
By using the Guardians of the Cube Bonus Entry Ticket from the event, you can enter up to 8 times.


Click the [Sail] button to enter dungeons and complete the navigation chart.

There are 32 dungeons. When you reach 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% on the Navigation Chart, you will receive a reward.

You will enter a random completed dungeon, after you have reached 100%.

At that time, Captain Guardian NPC will appear and you will be able to access the hidden dungeon. Hidden dungeon can be cleared once per account/day.


Dungeon Rewards
Depending on the progress of the navigation chart, different rewards will be given.

Before completing the Navigation Chart

After completing the Navigation Chart


Hidden Quest

They can only be acquired once per character.


For more updated news, please click this link.

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