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DFO - The Imperial Arena Is Now Open

Shirley Huang November 20th, 2018 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

Good news! DFO - The Imperial Arena featuring tag team battles now open!

At the same time, a series of activities are live. Many dfo fans would like to ready enough dfo gold, so if you are tired or no time, you can buy dfo gold from a reliable siteToday we would like to share some updates that come from the office site.


The Imperial Arena


You can meet and fight various opponents in tag team matches in this arena in the Empire.

Each team consists of 2 characters at Level 90 or above.


Imperial Arena Basic Information


How to Enter Imperial Arena

You can access the Imperial Arena through an exclusive channel.
Change your channel by selecting Change Channel > Special Area > Imperial Arena, or talk to the NPC Beatrice in Elvenguard to enter the map.

You may also use the Imperial Arena menu in the Menu Selection window (Esc).

You can select Normal or Hard mode upon entering.
Hard mode generates tougher monsters with more rounds (7).
You can't change your difficulty level until 9:00 UTC the next day once you select it.


Team Settings

After entering the Imperial Arena, you can set up your tag team through the Team Settings menu on the right side of the screen.
The characters should be at least Level 90.

If you want to use characters on different servers, but they are not on your current server, so they can't be set as Team Member 1, you should log in first to use them.
If your team members are on different servers, you can't tag them inside the Lobby, but you can tag them inside the Imperial Arena.


Imperial Arena Rules

Today's Matchups and Weaknesses

Your opponents have 1 weak attribute, which changes daily and is displayed on its portrait in the Lobby UI. You will fight opponents in a certain order every day. The Arena Kings do not have weak attributes.


Arena Restrictions

You can set up your characters' equipment and skills in the Lobby before entering the Arena.

You can't change your characters' equipment or skills once you enter the Arena.

The existing Consumable items can't be used inside the Arena, and your Item slot settings will be disabled.

Imperial Arena exclusive items will be added to the slots.

You can use these Arena items to heal and enhance your characters.


Armor Break

Special Stage

Imperial Glory



The Imperial Arena: Hard Mode

Monsters are tougher than those on Normal mode and generate more rewards.

You can select Normal or Hard mode in the Imperial Arena Lobby UI.

You will fight 7 different monsters.

You will receive a more powerful Imperial Glory buff on Hard mode.

Certain skills are modified on Hard mode.

You can get more Glorious De Los Medals and Dark Side Tokens on Hard mode.



Dungeon Clear Rewards

Normal Mode

Hard Mode

Imperial Arena Season 1 Rewards

Beatrice's Shop

Rewards can be purchased via Beatrice's Shop in the Imperial Arena.

Glorious De Los Medal Shop

Dark Side Tokens Shop

Imperial Mark Shop


Welcome to the Imperial Arena

Event period: Nov 20 - Dec 4

This event is to celebrate the opening of Imperial Arena!

Free Entry Weekends!

More Glorious De Los Medals!

Danjin’s Black Friday

Danjin's Discount Coupon

This is the coupon required to purchase items at a discount price from Danjin!
5 coupons given to you every day via mail! If you need more, find Danjin's friends!

Find Danjin's Friends!
Danjin's friends are hiding somewhere in Arad! Find them and get their coupons!
Coupons from Danjin's friends can be used to purchase items from Danjin at a discount price!

It's Black 'Friday'!
On Fridays, Golden Danjin will appear instead of Danjin's friends!
Discount Coupons can be purchased from Golden Danjin.



KenTurkey Fried Catch

Little Ken's turkeys have escaped from his cage!
Capture and bring them back to Ken before they destroy the ecosystem!


Finding Turkeys

After spending 8 fatigue points in Optimal Level Dungeons, Turkeys will appear on your next Optimal Level Dungeon run.

You can encounter the Turkeys 10 times a day. The remaining count is shown next to Honey Time gauge.


Capturing & Killing Turkeys


How to Use Captured Turkey & Turkey Meat
Bring the Captured Turkeys to Little Ken and bring the Turkey Meat to Ken the Cook.
Both NPCs are in the Seria's Room.


Little Ken's Reward

If you bring the Turkeys to Little Ken successfully, (https://static.dfoneople.com/publish/bbs_data_st1_neople/images/pds/ba05148bd0/2_5.png) she will be moved and provide the rewards.

Ken the Cook's Cuisine

If you bring the Turkey meat to Ken the Cook, he will provide genuine turkey cuisine!

Turkey Cuisine Rewards 

If you open the Cooked Turkey Box, you will randomly receive one item.

Tada! Moment Rewards

Bonus rewards are given based on the total number of turkeys cooked.

Upon reaching each milestone, you can click the [GET REWARDS] button to get your reward.

Hidden Rewards

You have a small chance of encountering King Turkey in Optimal Level Dungeons, regardless of the amount of FP spent.

King Turkey will drop a Turkey Egg or a King Turkey Egg.


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