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DFO TEMPORAL RIFT Is Coming This Evening

Shirley Huang November 07th, 2017 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

Good News! DFO TEMPORAL RIFT is coming this evening. Many dfo fans are excited about the new event, since they can obtain a lot of rewards and make much dfo gold. Today MmoGah as a professional dfo gold site shares the updated event that comes from dfo official site.


Confront the Deadliest Cosmofiends through Time and Space

As their number grows, so does these fiends' interest in them. Grandis eventually took notice of this fact. Belial, who reigns in the center of the Temporal Rift, wants to fight adventurers.
They release stronger energy to attract adventurers

Temporal Rift is an Epic equipment-farming mode, which you can enter at the cost of Demon Invitations.

Temporal Rift Features

Unlike normal Hell Party mode, this mode does not generate Epic Souls or Hell Orbs, but it offers a higher Epic equipment drop rate.   

- Epic Equipment / Epic fragment drops are not shared in Temporal Rift to promote party play.
- The Random Hell Party gauge is not charged during Temporal Rift mode.
- Hell Party Tickets can be used.


How to Enter

Entering Temporal Rift requires Demon Invitations. To enter a dungeon on Temporal Rift, you should complete the necessary Feat. Quests and click the Hell Mode button in the Select Dungeon screen.

- Time Gate: Hell Party EP 1. Supplementary Story (Lv. 77)
- Power Station: Hell Party EP 2. Supplementary Story (Lv. 81)
- Castle of the Dead: Hell Party EP 3. Supplementary Story (Lv. 85)
- Metro Center: Hell Party EP 4. Supplementary Story (Lv. 90)


Dungeon Levels and Special Dungeon

Temporal Rift creates a low chance of generating a special dungeon where you can fight Cosmofiends.
This special dungeon gives 2 additional Epic Fragments when cleared.

The following is dungeon's Levels and dropped equipment Levels.


Epic Wish and Other Changes

You can set up your 'Epic Wish' list at the Temporal Altar inside the Temporal Rift dungeons.

 The 'Epic Wish' you set up at the Temporal Altar are also applied to the Pandemonium Rift and normal Hell Party dungeons.

In total of 5 Equipment items can be selected as 'Epic Wish', which display a special effect when they are dropped.

Other Changes
Temporal Rift challenges have been added to the Daily Challenge list.


Interdimensional Destroyer

Event Period: Nov 07 ~ Nov 21, 2017
Challenge the otherversal objects to determine how strong you are!
Destroy whatever is inside of Dimensional Pocket as quickly as possible!


Eligible Participants
All Lv. 17+ Characters

Event Walkthrough


Please Note
- 1st and 2nd Awakening Skills are restricted in the dungeon.
- Rewards will be deleted at 09:00, DEC 5, 2017 (UTC).


Rifts Up

Event Period: Nov 07 ~ Nov 21, 2017

Mission Briefing  

Top priority mission is to take full control of newly discovered areas in Metro Center.
You can get in total of 30 free Temporal Rift Tickets and 100 EXP Capsules. Commence operation 'Rifts Up!'


Eligible Participants

All Lv. 90 Characters

Mission Briefing 
Attention! Scouts have located additional routes to Pandemonium Rift.
You can enter Pandemonium Rift 5 times a day during the operation period!

Please Note:
- Rift's EXP Capsule mission can be completed in both Temporal Rift and Pandemonium Rift.  
- If you complete all missions, you will receive a total of 100 Rift's EXP Capsules.

- Rewards and their contents will be deleted at 09:00, DEC 5, 2017 (UTC) except Refined Terranium.


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