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DFO Season 5. Act 02. Fiend War Is Now Live

Shirley Huang April 24th, 2019 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

DFO Act 02. Fiend War - the attack of the cosmofiends is now live. At the same time, there are many activities are coming together. Many dfo fans need more dfo gold to take part in this event.

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Act 02. Fiend War


Fiend War: Contents


Entry Rules

Entry Materials


Fiend War Basic Rules


Up to 8 characters can play this mode at the same time.


Time Limit

A total of 60 minutes.

When the time limit elapses, you will fail the Fiend War and receive a Reentry Ticket in your Mailbox.

Each battle has its own time limit.

When the time limit elapses, you will receive a Failure penalty every time.

Party Formation

Each character in the Raid Group form a squad.

Up to 4 squads can enter each battlefield.

A 4-squad unit will be formed at the beginning of each battle.



Fiend War: Battlefield

Normal Sector: Area to which both characters and Fiends can move

Special Sector: A strategic point.

Enemy Sector: An important base built to invade Arad


Fiend War: Monsters


Boss Monster

Named Monsters

Neutral Monster


Fiend War: Reward

Tayberrs Epic Armor Update: Supertemporal Abilities


Other Changes


Weekly Content

Raid Commander Notification

Exclusive Fiend War Consumable Slots

Raid Shop

Title Book



Wheel of Fortune

Play the Wheel of Fortune, where there are no losers and only winners!
Clear Optimal Level Dungeon 3x a day and spin the wheel for a chance to get Harlem Epics!
Will you choose to take the reward? Or increase your chance for the next spin? Spin the wheel and find out!

Only 1 chance to spin per day!
Reward can be acquired immediately. You can choose to reinforce the wheel for a chance for better rewards!

Wheel of fortune rewards

Participation reward.


Enemy at the Gate

Deadly cosmofiends are pouring out of the rifts and are threatening the peace of Arad!
Fight alongside the Imperial Army in the Fiend War to defeat the Cosmofiends and claim your rewards!


How to participate

Daily Supplies

Mission Reward

Master of fiend war event

It's time to share everything you know about the Fiend War!
After the event ends, we will select winners and give Party Frames as a reward!
Providing screenshots, photos, videos and taking a different approach (class PoV guides, your own tips and tricks and etc.) from other adventurers will give you a higher chance to be selected!


Guide Topic 
Character PoV Fiend War Guide (Ex. How to Fiend War as an Asura)


How to Register Your Guide


Most of this article’s content is quoted from dfo office site.

Annie's Fiend War Boot Camp

We are looking for heroes who will save Arad from the deadly cosmofiends!
A special boot camp has been created by the Empyrean Supporters to help you get prepared for battle!
Get to the boot camp through Annie in Seria's Room and prepare to enter the Fiend War!


How to get to the Boot Camp

Boot Camp Information

Light Euclid

Dark Axion

Hidden Training



Easy Mode Reward 

Hard Mode Reward 

Hidden Training Reward


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