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DFO Season 5. Act 01. Harlem Shadows of Kashipa Is Now Live

DFO Season 5. Act 01. Harlem is now live. This is the big update, and the maximum character level will be increased from 90 to 95. At the same time, some activities are coming together.

Harlem Royale

The Adventurer's Guide to Harlem

Harlem Attendance - Better late than never!

Rental Care Service

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New Town: Harlem

Max Level Increased
The Maximum Character Level will be increased from 90 to 95.

 New Village: Black Market
- A new village: the Black Market will be added to Pandemonium.
- A black village that serves as an outpost for the war against the Kashipas.

New NPCs

New NPCs will be added to the Black Market.

Normal Dungeons

6 new Normal dungeons (Border Town, Total Eclipse, Dark City, District 9, Royal Casino, and Fight Club) will be added.


Boss/Named monster cards for the Harlem Area Normal dungeons will be added.

You can get Terraniums from the Terranium Chest objects inside the new dungeons.

Monsters in the new dungeons create a chance of dropping Seeds of Birth.


Sleepy Hollow, Assault Mode

Sleepy Hollow, the Circulation dungeon for the Harlem area will be added.

This Sleepy Hollow dungeon is opened if you complete the Secret Room in the Casino quest in the Royal Casino dungeon.

When you enter the dungeon, 1 of the following 5 Dungeon maps will be randomly selected after a common map.
- Border Town, Total Eclipse, Dark City, District 9, and Royal Casino

Assault mode will be added.

In the Harlem Area Dungeon Selection screen, click the Assault Mode button to switch to Assault mode.

You can activate the Assault Mode button by completing the NPC Timothy's Side Story quest, Hiding Shadows, at Level 95.

Assault Mode - Hidden Dungeon

Clear Assault dungeons 3 times, and the Hidden dungeon, Fight Club, will be opened.

You can enter this Hidden dungeon twice a day per character.

Assault mode's Hidden dungeon Boss monster will now create a chance of dropping the Level 95 Legendary equipment, Kashipa Subjugation Hero.  


Dawning Crevice

The Dawning Crevice dungeon will be added to the Harlem area.

You can enter it after completing the [Dawning Crevice] The Interdimensional Rift in Harlem quest.

The boss in Dawning Crevice has a chance of dropping Lv.95 Epic items.

This Dawning Crevice dungeon also offers the new materials, Aberrant Fragments and Aberrant Crystallines.


Harlem Hell Party, Sky Rift

Hell Party will be added to the Normal dungeons in the Harlem area.

You can enter this mode after completing the Hell Party Ep 6. Signs of a Strange Phenomenon quest.

This quest appears, regardless of your Character Level, when you complete all the Epic quests in the Harlem area.

Costs 30 Demon Invitations per entry.

The Temporal Altar will be added to the maps where Hell Party monsters appear.

Sky Rift mode will be added to Harlem Hell Party.

On Sky Rift mode, only level 95 Epic items will be dropped. Some Tayberrs Named monsters appear along with Hell Party monsters and will drop additional items.


Disaster Sector

The Disaster Sector dungeon will be added to the Harlem area.

You can enter this mode after completing the Side Story: Della's Ominous Reading quest.

The Disaster Sector has 3 different difficulty levels. A higher level is unlocked when you clear a lower one.

If you enter the Disaster Sector, you will randomly play the following Normal dungeons.
- Border Town, Total, Dark City, District 9, and Royal Casino


Item Changes

Equipment Retexturization System

NPC Grandis Shop/Functions

Enchanting Beads


Guild Insignia

Raid Shop

Luke Raid

Normal Luke Dungeon

Gabriel's Shop

Equipment Exorcism Addition

Item Option Adjustment System

Equipment Option Addition

Buff Crusader Item Changes


Tayberrs: Fallen Paradise

Legendary Dungeon: Tayberrs - Fallen Paradise

How to Play


Boss/Named monster cards for the Tayberrs - Fallen Paradise dungeon will be added.

Rewards for the Legendary Tayberrs - Fallen Paradise dungeon will be added.

In this dungeon, you can find the new Material items, Sky Wishes and Sky Fragments.


Character Balance


Convenience Improvement


Status Icon Simplificaion

Dungeon Play


Explorer Club

Skin Storage

Equipment Dictionary, Epic Dictionary



Other Changes


Explorer Club


Imperial Arena Season 2

Max Level Rewards

Additional Updates


More updated news you can click mmogah. Enjoy your game.


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