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DFO Season 4. Act 05. Road to Glory Will Come This Evening

Shirley Huang August 07th, 2018 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

DFO Season 4. Act 05. Road to Glory will come today. At the same time, a series of activities are coming together. As a professional dfo gold store, we would like to share the updated news with you.


Act. 05 Road to Glory

Advancement: Hitman

Awakening: Big Boss



2nd Awakening: Godfather



Advancement: Specialist

Awakening: Core Master



2nd Awakening: Pathfinder

Other Changes


The addition of the new Advanced Agent classes, Hitman and Specialist, so following changes will be made.
- The characters' scenarios will be added to the Epic quests.
- The Advancement/1st Awakening/2nd Awakening quests will be added.
- The characters' reward equipment will be added to the Epic/Side quests and missions.


 -New Advanced Agent classes Valor Release Enhancement skills will be added.


The following changes will be made.
- The Agent classes, Odachi and Core Blade’s new weapon types will be added.
- Magic Stone items and Hitman/Specialist Sub Equipment will be added.
- Specialist or Hitman Active Buff options will be added to High Tech Agent Ring.
- Specialist or Hitman options will be added to the Halidom and Legacy equipment.


New Agent Epic Crafting weapons and their preview videos will be added to the Epic Crafting Machine.

- Odachi: Inner Paradox
- Core Blade: Dystopia Ender


2 Agent weapons will be added to Epic Crafting Prototype Weapon Boxes.
-  [Prototype] Inner Paradox and [Prototype] Dystopia Ender


The Way of Agent 2

How to participate
 All Agent characters created during the event period can receive Lv. 90 Epic rewards.

Create Character

Create a character by clicking the “Create Character” button. You can create up to 2 event characters per account!


Get Level-up Rewards

The target level is set automatically when you create a character. When you reach the target level, it will reward you “Coin of Determination”.


Special Lv. 90 Reward 

Reach Lv. 90 and get an EPIC Lv. 90 Agent weapon.


Level-up Reward

All items are untradeable.


Coin of Determination

When you reach the target level, you will receive the Coin of Determination [https://static.dfoneople.com/publish/bbs_data_st1_neople/images/pds/7357b9e7af/2018_07_11_02_57_2315.png] that can be used at the SD Agent Shop.


DFO x Hatsune Miku - Harmony

The world of Arad welcomes Virtual Singer Hatsune Miku!

The one and only chance to get Mikuful rwards! Don’t miss this chance.

Event Period: Aug 7- Sep 4

Available to all adventures above lv.17

Let me Sing

Gather Song pieces from dungeons to make her sing for us. You can also purchase Mikuful items from the event shop!

Finding Miku

Find Miku and her friends hidden behind the cards! Make triplets to beat the game! Play up to 3 times a day and get Mikuful rewards!


Steam DLC exclusive! Complete Mikuful missions to get Mikulized! Purchase DFOG X Miku DLC for only $4.99 and complete missions to get full benefits!


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