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DFO Season 4. Act 03. The Spears That Divide Destiny Will Come on Apr 24

Shirley Huang April 23rd, 2018 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   


Good News! DFO Season 4. Act 03. The Spears That Divide Destiny is coming on Apr 24. At the same time, a series of activities are coming. Many players have placed their orders of dfo gold at mmogah.com, so if you want to buy dfo gold, welcome to visit us. Click this article to learn more: best place to buy dfo gold.

 Awakening: Deimos

Awakening: Erebus

New skills


2nd Awakening Skill


Other Changes

2nd Awakening quests for the Dragoon and Impaler classes will be added. You can receive them through NPC Siran.

New Avatar Top selective skills will be added in accordance with the Demonic Lancer 2nd Awakening update.

Items will be added and updated in accordance with the 2nd Awakening update for the Dragoon and Impaler classes.


Demonic Desires

Dragoon and Impaler will awakened for the 2nd time! It seems that their desire for power is truly endless!
From Unique Magic Stones to powerful Legendary Earrings, get items that will meet the needs of your Demonic Lancer!
Don't miss out on the exclusive Beads and Reinforcement Tickets for Demonic Desires Magic Stone and Earring!

Eligibility: Lv. 17+ Demonic Lancers


How to participate


Exp Capsules can be obtained every day.

All rewards are deleted at 09:00 UTC on MAY 23rd.

All rewards are sent to your mailbox upon pressing the “Receive” button.

Only Lv. 17+ Demonic Lancers can participate in this event.


Phantom Thief and Detective

Finding the Mysterious Caller

1. Mysterious Telephone Booth
Investigate the Mysterious Phone Call. (Complete the quest given by the 'Telephone Booth NPC' to move to the event area (Albion))

2. Enter Albion's Mansion
Enter Albion's Mansion and meet the Detective and the Phantom Thief.

3. Join Investigation
Inside the Mansion, a detective and a thief are investigating the case. Complete the quest given by the Detective NPC and you can join the investigation.


Complete the Detective NPC's quest and NPCs will appear in the empty streets.
Through the NPCs in the event area, you can move to dungeons where you can acquire pieces of evidence.
Dungeons can be entered up to a total of 5x per day/account. (Including boss dungeons)

Chasing Jack the Ripper
Boss dungeon can be entered after completing the murderer's montage in [The Mysterious Riddle] event.
When you kill the boss, you can acquire Cogwheel of Fortune, Detective and Thief Card Box (Detective and Thief Card Box is dropped randomly.)

NPC Shop Reward 

Complete the puzzles of each area in [The Mysterious Riddle] event to open the event shop NPC.

Phantom Thief Ms. BLACK's Shop


The Mysterious Riddle

How to participate

Step 1.
Check Investigation Journal

Step 2.
Check Collected Evidence 

Step 3.
Identify the Murderer


After collecting 20 pieces of evidence, the murderer's montage will be completed and you will receive rewards.


2 Secrets Revealed Upon Solving All Puzzles

Secret 1. By completing the murderer's montage of each area, NPCs belonging to each area will open a special shop!

Secret 2. You can enter the Boss dungeon after collecting evidence from all areas and completing the murderer's montage.


221-B Arad St.


How to Investigate
Eligibility: + Lv 17All Character


Please Note

Rewards are sent to your mailbox.

Once you've selected a witness, you cannot change until the mission is completed.


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