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DFO Season 4. Act 02 Demonic Penetrators Is Now Live

Shirley Huang March 28th, 2018 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   


DFO Season 4. Act 02 Demonic Penetrators is now live. A series of activities are waiting for you. Ready enough dfo gold, and head into the game. Here MmoGah as one of the best dfo gold stores (Ranking No.1 in google results) gives a summary about the updated news.


1. Advancement: Dragoon

The Dragoons are the professional monster hunters trained by the Empire. The first Dragoon and the leader of the others, Marx, who is also known as Jager, pays a visit to the Imperial lords who own combat slaves, picks out slaves who are most sensitive to Sirocco's energy, and immediately sends them to the Empire.
These slaves, unlike the other Demonic Lancers, are completely isolated from other groups and learn the monster-tracking and hunting techniques and combat arts that the Empire has secretly developed. When their training is complete, they hold a festival of their own called the Red Moon Festival, in which ten warriors who caught bigger game than the others are selected and named Dragoons and sent out to different places on the Arad Continent.


Awakening: Leviathan

The Leviathan is believed to be the first monster exposed to the Apostles' energy when they came to Arad. It's stronger than any other monsters, but almost impossible to find.

"No other monster is as strong as that. Every monster has submitted to it. The king of all beasts is there. Do you think you can take him down and become a new king? Otherwise, you'll have to give up your lance here, like I did."


2. Advancement: Impaler

More and more Demonic lances raged out of control, and the Empire decided to single out those who showed the symptoms. And they were exiled from the country without exception. They were going to get killed by their own lances, anyway. And most of them did. They disappeared into history with no one to remember them. 

Awakening: Abbadon


3. Epic Weapon Crafting System

The Epic Crafting System has been added. Now there are craftable Level 90 Epic weapons.

Epic Processing

In Epic Processing menu, you can select the weapon you wish to craft. Also, you can process/change the weapon you are currently crafting.

Crafting Catalyst

Add Bonus Effect


4. Other Changes


2nd and 3rd Chronicle equipment for the character has been added


Twilight and Dawn

Event Period: Mar 27 - Apr 24

The Beast Hunter trained by the Empire and the Dark Fiend who constantly seeks more power…
Dragoon and Impaler have finally joined the adventure in Arad!

Just reach Lv. 85 with a Demonic Lancer and receive a Liberation Weapon!
You can give a Liberation weapon to another class using the gold collected from leveling!

Level-up Bonus Rewards!


It's time to hammer the moles back down to the ground!
Have a blast beating down the moles and before you know it, you will have 3rd Anniversary Secret Coin, Interdimensional Fragments, Quest Legendary Materials and more!

Game information 

This game has two modes: Normal and Hidden. Gameplay is different in each mode.


 Point Rewards

When you reach a certain amount of points from hitting moles, you will receive rewards.
In hidden mode, you will receive 2x rewards.

Mission Rewards 

A mission will be given every game. Mission can be checked on the top of the mini-game.
Mission changes every game.

Accumulated Reward
Accumulated Rewards can be opened by clicking the button at the bottom or through the event calendar UI.


Have you checked out MJ's new sandwich joint at the 3rd Anniversary Flea Market?
MJ's secret recipe has gotten everyone hooked and he is having trouble keeping up with all the orders.
Help MJ by making sandwiches and get rewarded in return!


 Sandwich Rewards
After making a sandwich, you will be given Secret Coins based on the recipe's difficulty.

 Sandwich Accumulated Reward
Additional rewards will be given based on the total number of sandwiches made!


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