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DFO Season 3. Major Update: Reunion Is Coming Today

Shirley Huang October 24th, 2017 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

Together, we shall prevail!

Good news! DFO Season3. Major Update: Reunion and a series of activities are coming today. Many dfo fans are excited about this good news. Today MmoGah would like to share the updated news to you. Get ready enough dfo gold, and head into the game when this major update releases.


A Series of activities to celebrate Halloween

Pumpkin Express

Oct 24 ~ Nov 07, 2017

Juicy Craft

Oct 24 ~ Nov 21, 2017

3rd Generation Rare Avatar added

Oct 24 ~ Nov 07, 2017

Throw It Away!

Oct 24 ~ Nov 21, 2017


Arad Explorer Club Update

Explorer Club Update

1. The Explorer Club UI consists of the following tabs: Explorer Club Status, Explorer Club Attribute, Explorer Club Expertise, Mercenary and Point Shop.

2. Max Explorer Club Level has been increased to 30.

3. Explorer Club attributes have been added.

4. Honor Levels have been merged into Explorer Club Levels.

5. Expertise Levels have been added for max-leveled characters.


The Mercenary System update

1. The areas to which you can dispatch your Mercenaries are gradually unlocked as your Explorer Club Level increases.
- Mercenaries can be dispatched to only one area at a time.
- Each dungeon requires a different Level, Mercenary Points, and dispatch period.
- All characters that meet a dungeon's Level requirement can be dispatched to that dungeon.
- Characters dispatched as a mercenary can be played in dungeons.
- Your Mercenary Points are affected by your Mercenaries' equipment grades and Avatar Set effects.
- Your reward increases if the total points of your Mercenaries dispatched to a dungeon exceeds its point requirement.
- When your Mercenaries return, you can select one of them to receive the dispatch reward.

2. The Supporter and Guild Supporter Systems have been deleted.

3. The Explorer Club Shop has been added.
- When you earn a certain amount of EXP, you get an Explorer Club Point. You can use these points at the Explorer Club Shop.
- You get 1 Explorer Shop Point for every 15 million EXP you earn.
- You can have up to 250 Explorer Club Points at a time. Consume your points whenever you can, so you can get more while leveling.
- Your purchase count per item is reset at 9:00 a.m. on the first day of each month.
- Items sold at the Explorer Club Shop cannot be traded. The shop's sale list is changeable if deemed necessary.


Weapon Reinforcement and Armor Mastery Update

Weapon Reinforcement Update

The Weapon Reinforcement effects will update.

In line with this change, item options that increase Physical/Magical/Independent Atk. add equal amount of Physical/Magical/Independent Atk.

Equal amount of Physical/Magical/Independent Atk. will be gained for reinforcing earrings.

Class Armor Mastery Update

Basic Armor Mastery Update


Elementalist and Summor renewal


Elementalist Renewal

The Elementalist's Active skills will have their skill level, Atk. and Elemental Damage information applied in real time.

Chronicle Renewal.

The Elemental Amplifier Chronicle Set options will renewal.

The Bright Ice Crystal Chronicle Set options will renewal.

The Dark Flame Buster Chronicle Set options will renewal.


Summoner Renewal

All skills' Atk. will be readjusted

All skills will be reset to SP and TP

Chronicle Renewal

The Spirit Union Chronicle Set options will renewal.

The Infernal Contract Chronicle Set options will renewal.

The Forbidden Sacrifice Chronicle Set options will renewal.

The Freedom of Spirit Chronicle Set options will renewal.

The Restrained Contract Chronicle Set options will renewal.

The Dangerous Liaison Chronicle Set options will renewal.


Character Balance Update



Male Mage: Elemental Bomber, Glacial Master Blood Mage Swift Master

Demonic Lancer


Arena balance update

Blade Master

Dark Templar

Brawler (F)

Spitfire (F)

Glacial Master


Battle Mage

Priest (M) Common


Elven Knight


Soul Bender


Ranger (F)

Mechanic (F)





Other changes


Dungeons Change

Normal Dungeon

Echon dungeon

Guild Dungeon

Luke Raid

Other Updates


For more updates, you can visit our dfo news.

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