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DFO New Class - Female Priest Homecoming Event Is Coming on June 27th

ACT 04. Saints of the Cursed Blood

“It seems only those whose hearts are broken can hear the voice of God.
Or maybe, it's the other way around: God only talks to them.”


New Class in Dungeon Fight Online: Female Priest

The Female Priest is a devout warrior of faith, driven in the pious quest to serve as God's avenging angel. Deceived by the Imposters as a young girl and infected with their blasphemous corruption, she was rescued from the brink of death by her true servants and followed her shining light. The Female Priest fights against the Impostors with her loyal devotion to God in hand with large and terrifying weapons.

For the new class, players should learn more about her characters first. Here MmoGah.com would like to share the updated news that from dfo official website.

Female Priest Common Skills as below.


The Female Priest can advance to Crusader, Inquisitor, Shaman or Mistress.

1. Crusader: Crosses and Plate Armor

1st Awakening character: Evangelist

Crusader specializes in mid-ranged combat using the Cross and the divine power of the light. Equipped with wide array of healing and buffs as well as utilities skills that support allies.

2. Inquisitor: Battle Axes and Heavy Armor

1st Awakening: Hellkite

3. Shaman: Rosaries and Cloth Armor

1st Awakening: Oracle

Shaman is a middle / long-range character that utilizes beads & amulets, and she is protected by the sacred dragon.
Her mysterious exorcism technique is excellent in suppressing the enemy and the power of the sacred dragon can fight off the enemy while strengthening ally.


4. Mistress: Scythes and Heavy Armor

1st Awakening: Sin Sayer

Mistress quickly moves to optimal distance to take advantage of the enemy, and constantly attack enemy with barrage of skill, giving enemy no time to react.
They can transform into the form of original sin and exert demonic power upon enemy.


Priest Homecoming event period from Jun 27, 2017 to Aug 22, 2017

A limited edition font which can only be obtained during the event period.

You will receive rewards, such as Quest Legendary Equipment, Demon Invitations and more!

Don't miss it!


How to participate this event?

Create and level up Female Priests now

When you create a Priest Homecoming Event Character, it is automatically registered to the UI. You can register up to 4 characters and Priest homecoming event characters cannot be deleted.


Obtain rewards

A level-up gift will be given starting from Lv. 10 at 5 level intervals.
At certain levels, you will receive Priest Badge which can be exchanged for items.
The higher level reached, the more badges you will obtain.


Damage Font Reward

When you level up the registered Female Priest to Lv. 80, 'Get' button will be activated. Click the 'Get' button and you will receive a Damage Font Box to your mailbox. Level up 4 characters and you can receive up to 4 Damage Fonts.

From Lv. 86 to Lv. 90, a level-up gift will be given at every level (86, 87, 88, 89 or 90).

Stigmata Damage Font 

When you receive the font reward for the fourth time, you will also receive the Stigmata Font. Stigmata Damage Fonts are account bound and can be sent to your other characters.

Your damage font will be visible to other party members!
Limited edition Damage Font that you may never get again! Don't miss this chance!


Lastly, we are sure that you can’t wait to join this activity. If you level is low, the best way is to buy dfo gold to strengthen your weapons or armors.


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