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DFO - Luke: A New Challenge Will Come This Evening

Shirley Huang August 21st, 2018 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

Luke: a new challenge is coming this evening. At the same time, a series of activities are coming together. Today mmogah as one of the best dfo gold stores would like to share the updated news with dfo fans.  

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Solo Luke Raid

Every Thursday and Saturday, you can create a Solo Raid Group in the Luke Raid channel.

Solo Raid Groups cannot use the following menus:

Invite to Raid Group, Join Raid Group, Waiting List and Create Party.

Solo Raid Groups are not registered to the Raid Group list.

Entering this mode requires Black and White Protection (Luke Raid Entry Material item).

There is a time limit for the mode's clearance, and the Raid Group UI is disabled.


Solo Luke Raid Progress

The playable dungeons vary depending on the day.

Thursday: Sanctuary of Birth → Sanctuary of Destruction → Altar of Light → Altar of Strength → Sanctuary of Light → Solium Machina: Lumen
The Raid ends if you clear Solium Machina: Lumen and you get a reward.

Saturday: Sanctuary of Birth → Sanctuary of Dispersion → Altar of Darkness → Altar of Wisdom → Sanctuary of Darkness → Solium Machina: Caligo
The Raid ends if you clear Solium Machina: Caligo and you get a reward.

In each dungeon, you can resurrect up to 3 times by using Life Tokens.

You can use up to 5 Life Tokens in the Solium Machina: Lumen/Caligo dungeons.

Monster levels are adjusted to match Solo Luke Raid's difficulty level.


Monster Differences (Compared to Normal Luke Raid)

Some changes are only applied to Solo Luke Raid.



You can get the following items upon clearing Solo Luke Raid.

Dark Source
Luke Dungeon Monster Cards
Constructor Luke (Light) Card
Luke Dungeon Legendary Equipment
Luke Dungeon Monster Tarot Cards



Luke Solo Mode Challenge

Luke Raid Solo Mode is now available!
If you have not yet taken on the challenge to defeat Luke, this is your perfect chance!
Powerful buffs will assist those who will rise up to the challenge!


How to check the event UI?
Click the (https://static.dfoneople.com/publish/bbs_data_st1_neople/images/pds/bdc90cb8a4/2018_08_13_04_01_191.png) on the bottom of the screen to open the UI.

Event Benefits

Luke Raid (Solo) that is additionally open on Mondays during the event period is Lumen route.

Luke Aura given when you clear Luke Raid (Solo)!!!


Ppangtony Raid

Ppangtony is out of control and he is planning to ruin your next Anton Raid!
In order to turn Ppangtony back to normal, you must eliminate Ppangtony's Souls!
Eliminate Ppangtony's Souls before it's too late!


Ppangtony Appears

You have a small chance to encounter Ppangtony's Soul in Optimal Level Dungeons.

When you kill Ppangtony's Souls, your Ppangtony Cease/Defeat count will increase.


Cease Ppangtony   

● Cease Ppangtony' Order of Progression

Ppangtony can be stopped by eliminating Ppangtony's Souls in Optimal Level Dungeons.

● Cease Ppangtony Reward

You must click the “Reward Icon” to receive the reward.

● Defeat Ppangtony Order of Progression

Ppangtony can be defeated by eliminating Ppangtony's Souls in Optimal Level Dungeons.

You must first complete 'Cease Ppangtony' before you can proceed to 'Defeat Ppangtony.


● Defeat Ppangtony Reward

You must click the “Reward Icon” to receive the reward.


Tickets Galore

Looking for free entries to Hell Mode or Pandemonium Rift?
Just clear Optimal Level Dungeon once per week and get Tickets Galore!


Clear Optimal Level Dungeon once per week and get rewards!

Missed the event
Did you miss the 1st, 2nd, 3rd weeks of the event?
Don't worry! You can clear Optimal Level Dungeons to get all the rewards!

 4th week reward cannot be obtained after the period ends.


Please Note

All event rewards are deleted at 09:00 on Sep 18th. (UTC)

You must click the 'Get' button in the event pop-up window to receive rewards.

Clearing Optimal Level Dungeon 50x is not an easy task!

Get your reward easily by clearing Optimal Level Dungeon once during each week!

Kung Fu Hustle

DFO ExStream Tournament IV is just around the corner!
So whether you're a new or experienced user, why not try out Chobung's PvP bootcamp missions!

How to participate

-You can receive daily and accumulated mission quests from 'Chobung' in Hendon Myre!
- You can access the event shop from 'Citron the Champion' next to Chobung.
- Who is Citron? Citron is the winner of the ExStream Tournament III!



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