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DFO Level 85: How to Play Yourself in the New Area and the New Dungeon

John Ryan June 16th, 2015 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

With the launch of Dungeon Fighter Online Level 85 on June 9th, the new Eton Industrial Area was unleashed. This area includes two parts: Slaugh Industrial Complex and the new dungeon Power Station. Dungeon Fighters, are you ready to fight against the cruelest Flame Eater Anton? Do you have confidence in defeating the guardians around the generators? It’s the time for you now!


Long ago, the magic from entire Empyrean skies was banned by the King of Dragons (Bakal). The Empyreans built the Power Station in Eton Industrial Area as an alternative energy source to feed powers to the facilities and installations. Everything went well until Anton brought the total chaos to the Power Station. He absorbed power from the Station and became incredibly powerful, what dungeon fighters should do is to prevent Anton from withdrawing Power Station’s energies and finally defeat him.

How to Enter

Find the NPC in Oceanic Express area called Beren Bonnegut.

Play the Slaugh Industrial Complex

  • New NPCs in Slaugh: Ria Richter, Farrel Wane, Lt. General Navarre, Mathias Nessman.

DFO Level 85 New NPCs


If you want to try the new mini crane to dredge treasures (materials, restoration usables, and relic pot) from the wasted river, then you should find the NPC Mathias Nessman to help you, she is a willed orphan, also is a mini crane engineer.

There are some tips if you use the mini crane:

  • It takes one Crane Token each time you use it.

    You can buy Tokens from Mathias Nessman. When you use a crane, click the “Operate” button to start and click the “Grab” button at the appropriate time, the crane will go down and grab to dredge, but please note that even if you have grabbed successfully, it still has possibility to fail when lifting, in the further, the Token would be consumed immediately when you click the “Operate” button.

DFO Mini Crane


  • The material items used to purchase Crane Tokens change every day.

The materials items which you need to purchase Tokens change every day, when you do not have enough and need to buy some off the Auction Hall, you must need some dfo gold, then MmoGah, as a trusted dfo gold seller among players, must be a good choice for you. To use the Auction Hall, be sure to reach Lv.30.

Play the Power Station

  • How to reach Power Station

Eton Industrial Area > Slaugh Industrial Complex > Power Station

  • The Power Plants which you should take over

1. Kore Power Plant: the first encounterable generator that installed in exterior of Power Station, you must defeat the guardian Avenging Fitz.

Kore Power Plant guardian


2. Furtz Power Plant: The fuel stock for the Power Station, the guardian Samuel with its minions refine fuels to supply energies for Anton from here. It’s important for you to take over it quickly.

 Furtz Power Plant guardian


3. Trombe Power Plant: The electricity-centered generator, the Power Station personnel are kept here as hostages, what you should do is to save the hostages.

Trombe Power Plant guardian


4. Grandine Power Plant: The core generator of Power Station, send the largest amount of energy to Anton, you can largely damage Anton by shutting the Grandine Power Plant down.

Grandine Power Plant guardian


Since the difficulty of events increased and the toughest Level 85 Dungeon was unleashed, you have to get enough material items and dungeon fighter online gold to become more strong and powerful, address more importance on mastering your characteristics so that you can have a better command of your skills, we will accompany you with our professional DFO Power Leveling and DFO Strategies, GOOD LUCK FOR ALL OF YOU THERE!


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