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DFO Latest Update - Anton: Hero’s Ascent Is Now Live

Shirley Huang May 24th, 2018 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

Good News! DFO Anton: Hero’s Ascent comes to the game. At the same time, there are a series of activities. Be ready for more DFO gold in advance to accept more challenges! Here mmogah as a professional dfo gold selling site would like to share this update with dfo fans.


A series of activities include:

Period Date: May 23-Jun 05

1. DFO Premier League 2018


2018 DFO Premier League has opened.
Do you have what it takes to be a top competitor in Luke Raid?
Join the DPL channel and compete against other Luke Raid experts!

Target: Characters who have cleared Luke Raid entrance quest.

2. Return of the Golden Goblin

Target: Lv. 17+ characters

3. Cutie Egene and Cutie Tog's Anton (Solo) Support Event

Defeat Anton in solo mode and get awesome items. Such as Cutie Egene, Cutie Tog and many more!

4. Iris's Weekly Pick

Iris is happily contemplating about which of the 8 generators to pick first.
Help Iris make the right choice and obtain rewards every day!

Eligibility: All Characters


Anton Solo Raid

Anton Solo Raid is a solo play version of Anton Raid.

This mode uses the same Entry materials as Anton Raid, and you cannot play both solo and Anton Raid on the same day.

Monster stats and attack patterns are optimized for solo play, and different dungeons open on different days.

You can get the Savior's Glory weapons that you can use. Savior's Glory Epic Weapon Random Pots are given as a Repeat Quest reward.

How to Enter

You can enter it through the Anton Raid channels.

You can enter it after creating a Solo Raid.

You must have a Powerful Energy Absorption Blocker.
In Solo Raid mode, you cannot use Invite to Raid, Join Raid, Wait List and Create Party menus. Solo Raid cannot be registered to the Raid list.


Anton Solo Raid Features

You can enjoy Anton Raid, which requires 20 players.

You can select Solo or Normal mode upon creating an Anton Raid Raid.
- If you received a Normal Anton Raid Phase 1 (Cease) reward but failed Phase 2 (Defeat), then you cannot play Anton Solo Raid.
- If you failed Normal Anton Raid Phase 1 (Cease) and received a Retrial Ticket, then you can use it to play Normal or Solo mode.
- If you failed Anton Solo Raid and received a Retrial Ticket, then you can use it to play Normal or Solo mode.

Starting Solo mode requires a Powerful Energy Absorption Blocker. 

You can only clear one Normal or Solo mode on the same day (per character).

Different dungeons open on different days.
Monster stats have been significantly lowered for single play.

Certain monster patterns have been changed for single play.
The same time limit as Normal Anton Raid is applied. The Raid UI and buff cannot be used.

- If you fail to clear this mode within the time limit, you will receive an Admission Ticket to your Mailbox.

Offers the same rewards as Normal Anton Raid, except for Level 60 - 85 Normal Epic equipment and Demon Invitations.

The Savior's Glory weapons are distributed in a box that randomly generates them, except for the ones that you cannot equip.
You can additionally receive Savior's Glory Epic Weapon Random Pots as a Repeat Quest reward.


Monster Differences (Compared to Normal Anton Raid)

Monster difficulty levels, attack patterns and many have been optimized for single play.

Fail to Clear

If you fail to clear within the time limit, you will receive an Entry Material item to your Mailbox, so you can try it again.
This item will not be issued if you quit the mode or engage in other activities before the time limit is reached.


Available Quests

Ravenous Anton

You can get Avarice Accessories or Sub Equipment through this quest.
Destroy Anton's Heart 5 times in Anton Solo Raid to complete it.
You can only complete [Anton Raid] Ravenous Anton or [Anton Solo Raid] Ravenous Anton. If you already completed the Normal version, the solo version will not appear.  

Fire-eating Weapon

You can get Savior's Glory Epic Weapon Random Pots. 
Destroy Anton's Heart 21 times in Anton Solo Raid.

[Limited] Extracting Anton's Neurons

You can get Anton's Neurons, which are used for upgrading Savior's Glory weapons.
Destroy Anton's Heart in Normal/Solo Raid to complete it.



You can get one random item in each category as below.


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