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DFO Four Activities Are Now Live

Shirley Huang November 07th, 2018 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

Good news! DFO four events are now live. Here mmogah as a professional dfo gold seller would like to share these events that from dfo office site.


Danjin's Lucky Pot

Event Period: Nov 6 - Nov 20

Get a Lv. 65-85 Unique to legendary weapon or Pot Head Avatar.  

Danjin is here to support your new adventure! It has a pot full of goodies just for you! It contains Unique Weapons, Legendary Weapons and 6 types of Danjin's Pot Avatar!
It is only selling for 2 weeks! Don't miss it!


How to Participate

Danjin's Box Hat Preview



Raise a turkey with love and care and receive special rewards!


How to Raise a Turkey
Grow a small egg into a big turkey!

Turkmagotchi Menu Information
Important things to note for taking of your adorable turkeys!


1. Abnormal Status
Abnormal Status will be applied once in every growth stage of a Turkey. Clearing Optimal Level Dungeon once will remove all abnormal statuses.

2. Current Growth Stage
Shows Turkmagotchi's current stage of growth.

3. Time Remaining
Shows the time remaining until next stage.

4. Number of Eggs
Shows how many eggs you currently have.


Turkmagotchi Rewards

Check out the reward for raising your Turkey with love and care!


Please Note:

Turkey cannot be raised in the Jumping Server. If you move to the Jumping Server while raising a Turkey on the regular server, Turkey's growth gauge will be stopped temporarily.


Jump Your Way to Raid and Epics


Event Period: Nov 6 – Dec 18

Did you transfer from a jumping server to regular server?
Then it's time to 'jump' your Lv. 85 epics to 90!
Are you already on the regular server?
Clear Anton/Luke raid with jumpers and get more rewards!


Jumper & Super Jumper

How to Participate
Get rewards by completing missions! - Both Jumper and Super Jumpers can participate!



Anton, Luke Bonus Rewards!
Clear Anton/Luke with Jumper/Super Jumper in your party and bonus rewards will be given to your entire party.
- Reward can be obtained once per mission/character
- All users are eligible for these rewards!


Please Note

[0. Common]

This event is available on the regular server only. (Cannot be done on the Jumping Server)

All items are untradable.

When you receive the completion reward from the dungeon, Mission count will be increased. Bonus reward is also at this time, and it can only be received once per day.


[1. Jumping Missions]

Only characters that transferred from jumping server to regular server can participate in Jumping Missions.

Rewards are given when [Get] button is pressed. Mail expires in 15 days.

Please press [Get] button on the characters that need the reward.

Each mission can be completed once per account.


[2. Anton/Luke Bonus Reward]

Bonus rewards are given based on the number of Jumper/Super Jumpers receiving the dungeon completion reward.

All party/raid members will receive the same level of bonus reward at the time of clearing the dungeon.

Each character on your account can receive 1 bonus reward per mission/day.


Fantastic Jumping Server


A leveling server like no other! Join the world of fantastic leveling and farming!

Event period: Nov 6 - Dec 18

Eligibility: All adventurers (up to 2 characters per account)


Welcome to Jumping Server

Jumping server is a new type of a server that lets you focus solely on leveling and equipment farming. Anyone, from new adventures to pro aradians can join and play.

Creating a Jumping Character


Shall we start leveling?

Follow the leveling guide prepared for you on the jumping server! You will reach Lv.90 in just one day!


Fantastic Epic Beam

Reached Lv.90? Then it’s time to see some shiny drops! Collect all Lv.85 epic items you can wear!

Epic items you collect on the jumping server can be used permanently. Take 10 epics you like to the regular server!

Event Period: While Jumping Server is available

Eligibility: Adventurers who reached Lv.90 on the jumping Server


Transferring to the Regular Server

Lv.90 characters on the jumping server can be moved to the regular server. Please check the instructions on how to move servers and its precautions.


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