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DFO - Four Activities Are Coming Tomorrow

Shirley Huang September 17th, 2018 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

Good News! DFO four activities are coming tomorrow. Most players would like to grind more dfo gold in advance if they have enough time. But many of them have no time and no energy, they would choose to buy dfo gold instead grinding by themselves. Here mmogah.com would like to share the updated news  that come from office site.

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Marvelous Reinforcement Party II

Period: Sep 18- Oct 23

You should take advantage of these new benefits

Reinforcement Chance during the Event
Reinforcement Chance and Penalties will be adjusted during the event period as below.

Special Benefits for Attempting +13 or Higher
Attempt +13 or higher with Legendary/Epic equipment and get a special reward regardless of the results!
Rewards can only be received once per account.


Reach +15 reinforcement = God of Reinforcement buff to all users
Grants +13 reinforcement in dungeons, and increases reinforcement success chance for 30 minutes.

Benefits to Hosts and Observers alike

Are you afraid of reinforcing alone? The more observers you have, the higher chance of success you will get!

Bonus Rewards

Zombie Transformation: Transforms you into a zombie for 5 minutes. While transformed, your Town Movement Speed is increased by 10% and you can jump in town. It also slightly increases your reinforcement success chance. It can only be used in Town.

Kiri Intimidation Potion:  Kiri becomes intimidated and gives you a 10% discount on reinforcement gold cost for 3 minutes. Discount only applies to gold. If the buff expires while the reinforcement is in progress, the discount will not be applied. It can only be used in Town.


Crafted Epic Challenge

Period: Sep 18- Oct 23

It's time to craft your own shiny weapons
Collect Ice Crystal Fragments from Optimal Level Dungeons and make your own epics!

Destroy ice Crystals to Obtain Catalyst Materials!

[Bonus] Get Coolants Every Day!

During the event period, you can use Ice Buckets instead of Catalysts. 

Please Note

All items will be deleted on Oct 23rd.

Coolants have no daily usage limit.

Epic crafting is limited to once per character.

Ice Crystal only appears 10 times per day.


Everyday We Levelin`

Period: Sep 18 - Oct 23

Complete four log-ins per week and accelerate your way to level 90!

How to get level-up ticket


Rewards are given to your mailbox (Mail expiry: 15 days)


Honey Time

Period: Sep 18- Oct 23

A special honey time for new and returners alike! 

Daily Reward

Total Log-in Time Reward

 The number of times you can receive the Total Log-in Time reward increases every week.

You can receive up to 5 of the same rewards. 

Please Note:

All rewards are deleted on Oct 23, 2018 at 09:00 UTC.

All rewards are sent to your mailbox.

Daily reward timers are reset at 09:00 UTC.

Max. Honey Time Accumulated Reward is increased on the Tuesday of every week.

There is no daily use limit on Certificates and Recommendations from Simona's Tower of Anguish Support Box.


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