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DFO Big Event: Once Upon a Time in Arad – a New Adventure Will Unfold Soon

Shirley Huang November 21st, 2017 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

Good news! ONCE UPON A TIME IN ARAD – A new adventure will unfold in the wild west tomorrow. Many dfo fans are excited about this good news, and many of them are ready dfo gold for unfolding more adventures. Today MmoGah.com would like to share this updated news with you. 


In To the Hill Town

Want ta beef me, punk?

Let me show you what hell looks like

Adventurer receives an unexpected request from Varracht to follow him to somewhere in the west. Before even hearing what it’s all about, they end up in a dusty western village called the Hill Town. where they take on a dangerous mission to escort Wyatt to the gallows.

Hill Town Info

“Howdy, Adventurer!

This is your all first tahm in hill town, right?”

When you enter the town, you can quickly get familiar with it. Please click on top of anything you want to see more information on.


Dungeon Info

“Here are the missions you must carry out in order to escort Wyatt to Arden.”

All dungeons can be entered through the town entrance on the right side of Hill Town.

A new dungeon will be revealed every week.

Entry in limited to 3 times per account/day across all dungeons. (Not 3 times for each dungeon.)


Take the sheriff’s badge from the dungeon to bell the madam in hill town.

You can purchase items with them at Kiri’s shop.

Items can be acquired by clearing once upon a time in Arad dungeons and event quests.

 (Account-bound. Deleted during the maintenance on Dec 19)

Special Package& Events

The feeling of the old western era returns through the events and packages.

Available exclusively in DFO.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Event Period: Nov 21 ~ Dec 19, 2017

Django who is notoriously known for being a gambler, claims to be the best gunslinger of Hill Town.
He bets anyone that only he can beat his game and offers great rewards to adventurers who can prove him otherwise.
Challenge him and show what a real gunslinger can do!


 Event information

Bullets smuggled into Arad by Wyatt's men. You must take it to Hill Town.
You can acquire up to 50 bullets per day.


How to play

Each game has 3 rounds.

When the countdown ends, keys that you should press.

Once 3 seconds is up, next round will begin regardless of whether you have bullets remaining. 

Play count resets at fatigue reset time.

If you exit the game while it is in progress, you will not receive rewards or the bullets back.

Event can be played up to 3 times per account/day.



When the game ends, you will receive rewards based on the number of bottles hit.
Rewards are sent to your mailbox.
Points are calculated based on the number of bottles hit in each round.
When all 3 rounds are over, you will see how many points you have acquired.

Please Note:

Single-use Equipment Reinforcer can be used on Lv. 1-90 equipment. It does not consume clear cube fragments and gold.

Hill Town Potion restores 30% of Max HP/MP.

All unused items will be deleted on DEC 19, 2017 at 09:00 UTC.

All reward boxes are account-bound.


Keep Calm and Rodeo

Event Period: Nov 21 ~ Dec 19, 2017

Target: Lv.55+ Characters

How to play

Your goal is to stand your ground until the bull regains their sanity.

It can be controlled with direction keys on the keyboard.

The safe zone will decrease over time. If the bull crosses the safe zone, game will end.

Shepherd Boy is located in Hill Town, which is only accessible to Lv. 55+ characters.

Rodeo can be played up to 3 times per day and consumes 3 bullets per play.



You will receive rewards based on the amount of time you stayed within the safe zone.
Rewards are sent to your mailbox.

Please Note:

Single-Use Equipment Amplifier can be used on Lv. 1-90 equipment. It does not consume Crystallized Chaos and gold.

All reward boxes and contents are account bound except for Powerful Energy. Rewards will be deleted on Dec 19 at 09:00 UTC.

Powerful Energies from the reward box is untradable. Be sure to open it on a character you want to use it on.


Hill Town Lottery

Event Period: Nov 21 ~ Dec 19, 2017

As you've probably heard already, the infamous Wyatt has been captured.
Target: Lv.55+ Characters

How to particpate


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