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DFO Act 06. The Beast Is Now Live

Shirley Huang October 24th, 2018 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

The long awaited update is finally here! Get your best-in-slot accessories from the beast dungeon and enjoy the revamped Anton/Luke Raid! At the same time, two activities are live now. Many dfo fans have placed dfo gold orders at mmogah.com this morning, they need more dfo gold for the new update.

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The Beast Dungeon

Entry Information


Beast - Anne's Statue

Beast - Hiero


Appears in Valley of the Half Breeds in the Beast Dungeon channel.

Hiero appears after Anne is defetead.

When Anne is defeated, she will start fighting against Hiero. Hiero can be attacked during this time.
Hiero will take up to 15% of his maximum HP as damage during this time.


Resurrection character skills are restricted from use.
- Mage (M), Crusader (F), and Knight

The same item restriction rules used by Raid mode are applied.
- Divine Revival Formula, Heavenly HP Potion, Sacred Blessing and Heavenly Potion

Puppet items are restricted from use.

The Burning effect is not applied.

Gabriel's Shop does not appear.


The Beast Dungeon rewards will be added.

You can get the following Material items through the Beast dungeons

Only the surviving characters at the time of reward distribution can receive a reward.
- If the beast dies while you are on a 10 second death timer, you will receive the reward as long as you have Life Token limit remaining.


You can get the equipment in the Beast dungeons.

You can get it through the NPC Catherine.


Raid Reboot

Raid Common

Raid Shop

(New) Loot Shop

40 of the new reward item, Fateful Determination, can be used to buy a Demon Invitation Box (160).
- Each character can buy up to 8 Demon Invitation Box (160) a week.
- Your Loot Shop Purchase count will be reset every Tuesday at 9:00 UTC


(New) Special Reward
- Luke Raid: You can check the Hard Mode missions and get rewards.
- Luke Raid: If you clear a Hard Mode mission, then the Get Reward button will be activated.
- You can preview each reward by bringing the cursor over it.


Luke Raid: Hard Mode

Hard Mode Rules


Special Reward



Character Balance

Slayer (M)

Fighter (M)

Gunner (M/F)




Demonic Lancer

Creator, Dark Knight

Arena Changes


Convenience Improvement

[Auto-accept Limited Quests]

[Disassemble All Option Improvement]

[Interface Improvement]

[Explorer Club Expedition]

[Mission Book]

[Professions Improvement]

[Buff Enhancement]

[Valor Equipment Option Modifier]


[Tower of Anguish]

[Pandemonium Rift]

[Interdimensional Rift > Otherwordly Adversaries]

Additional Convenience Updates


Other Changes


Training Center Update

Additional Updates


Burning Pumpkins Soul

Event period: Oct 23 - Nov 06

Jack O'Lantern has returned just in time for Halloween and he needs your help in bringing his Pumpkin Brothers to life!
Collect Souls by destroying Pumpkin Boss & Bullies and get a Special Halloween Creature, Aura Avatar and more!


How to participate

Reward for lighting up Pumpkins Souls
Collect 10 Pumpkin Souls (https://static.dfoneople.com/publish/bbs_data_st1_neople/images/pds/be69b8a0f2/Pumpkin%20Soul.png) to light up a pumpkin!
When you light up all 5 pumpkins, you will receive the reward by mail.

Burning Pumpkin Soul Box
Obtain one of the following items of your choice:

Halloween Aura Avatar Box, Halloween Weapon Avatar Box and Petit Skeleton Creature.


Queen of Skardi's Quadrathlon

Event Period: Oct 23- Nov 20

Queen of Skardi's Quadrathlon, the ultimate test of stamina, strength and power has begun!
This time, she has promised to reward anyone who rises up to the challenge!
Fight through the difficult challenges of Arad, earn points and get rewarded!


Earn Points

Points can be earned by entering/clearing Pandemonium Rift, Anton Raid, Luke Raid and Beast Dungeon.
Points can be earned with multiple characters.


Points Information
Open the event UI by clicking on (https://static.dfoneople.com/publish/bbs_data_st1_neople/images/pds/6fc0ee4579/2018_10_18_05_06_403.png) on the bottom of the screen.
The following information can be checked through the event UI.


Participation Reward
Enter Pandemonium Rift 3 times to receive the participation reward. For all other dungeons, you just have to enter once.


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