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Shirley Huang August 22nd, 2017 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

DFO - ACT 06. INTO THE LEGEND and a series of activities are coming today. DFO fans are excited about this good news.  

These activities include:

Events Period: Aug 22 ~ Sep 19
Cirque de la Lune Event

Go to the Circus, play four types of circus: Banana Monkey, Throw Bear Goblin, Avoid Water Balloon, Lion Tamer, and get the bonus.

Honey Time Plan Event

Log in every day, you will receive daily gifts and weekly rewards.

Endless Battle Event

Join the endless battle at Echon and prove your strength!

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Legendary Dungeon: Echon

Echon (the homeland of Apostle Kasijas): Ruined Sanctuary

Dungeon Information

Players must reach at least Level 90 to enter this dungeon.

8 Fatigue is consumed upon entry.

It is required at least 4,504 Exorcism.

It can be used up to 3 Life Tokens.

It can’t be used Puppets and Supporters.

Some graphic effects are modified inside this dungeon, in order to make smooth gameplay.

Freeze, Stun, Shock, Petrification, Sleep, Immobility, Weapon Destruction and Armor Destruction are keep the same.

Poison, Bleed, and Burn are simplified.

Other buffs/debuffs/Abnormal Status effects are disabled.


The following achievements cannot be completed:

Backstabber, Gale Force and Daredevil.

Only the unique material items are dropped from Echon dungeon

Hell Party is disabled.

This is a single player dungeon.


How to Enter Dungeon

This dungeon is accessible from the Pandemonium Junction in the Metro Center area.

You must finish the "Into the Legend" quest to enter this dungeon.

You can accept this quest from Snowflake Joshua at the Pandemonium Junction.

This is a dungeon for single play. Parties cannot enter it.

It requires 5 Terraniums and 5 Seed of Birth per entry.

Seed of Birth can be found in the Pandemonium dungeons.


How to Play

Your enemy are the Red or Green Army who will be randomly determined upon entering the dungeon.

While in this dungeon, you cannot retreat to the maps that you already explored. In other words, you can only move forward.

Defeat the Red/Green Army Boss monster, and the dungeon is cleared.


[Red Army]

Boss: Ghost King Drajan

Ghost King Drajan is considered one of the greatest kings in the history. He was always fighting and butchering his enemies.
The sight of him drinking his enemies' blood, their fighting spirit inspired awe in other players and enemies.
He's so powerful that he can fell an entire army on his own. His enemies, even his own soldiers, shudder as their energy starts flowing out of their bodies as soon as this mighty king shows up on a battlefield.

[Green Army]

Boss: Sasha, the heir of House Fore, is so generous that he lets swarms of rats run around in his mansion.
These rats show absolute obedience to Sasha. They would devour each other, but they'd never harm their master in any way.



The Boss Monster and Clearance Results Cards have a chance of generating the Level 90 Quest Legendary equipment, Valor.

You can get the Material items for the Valor equipment.

You can get them from the Boss Monster and Clearance Results Cards.

The Material items can be traded to Snowflake Joshua at the Pandemonium Junction.

Darma's Symbol Shop
The Darma's Symbol materials can be exchanged for the materials used for modifying Valor equipment options.

Ghostface Horn Shop
The material, Ghostface's Broken Horn, can be exchanged for the materials used for purchasing Hell Party and Pandemonium Rift free admission tickets.

Darma's Mark Shop
Darma's Mark obtained from limited quest can be exchanged for Valor Equipment Box and Equipment Repair Kit. (Single)
You may select the piece of the equipment, but options are given randomly.


Special System

An exclusive system for Echon : Ruined Sanctuary has been added.

Additional Reward System

Clear the Echon: Ruined Sanctuary dungeon, and the Additional Reward gauge is filled.

You can check the Additional Reward UI at the Pandemonium Junction.


Level 90 Quest Legendary Equipment

Equipment Composition

- A total of 11 items: 5 different types of armors, 3 accessories, and 3 special equipments have been added.

- 2 random options are added to this equipment when it's obtained.

- The numerical values of these options vary, depending on their grade.

- 4 different option grades exist, distinguished by the prefix that they add to the equipment

- This Level 90 Quest Legendary equipment does not produce the following items when disassembled.

- This equipment cannot be repurchased from shops.


Set Options

Set options will disappear when transfered through transcendent stone.


Modify Equipment Options

You can use the Equipment Option Modification System to modify options per group.

Only the options in the same group can be modified at the same time.

Modifying options require Crest Stones for their option group.

Equipment Rank-up

You can use the Equipment Rank-up System to upgrade Valor equipment option grades.

Upgrading option grade also increases the numerical values of 2 options of the target Valor equipment.

Upgrading option grade requires Sigil Stones.


Set Option Addition

You can add Set options to a set of 3-6 pieces of Valor equipment of your choice.
- You can select up to 4 different option groups.
- Set options and their numerical values are affected by the number of equipment selected for a set and their option grades.
- Adding Set options requires Pure Condensate of Valor.
- The number of required Pure Condensate of Valor varies depending on the types and number of options.
- The Set icon is added to the equipment selected for a set.


For more updated news, please click our dfo news page. Enjoy your gaming.

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