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DFO 2018 Summer Update - The Big Picture Is Now Live

Shirley Huang June 20th, 2018 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

DFO 2018 Summer Update - The Big Picture came on June 19, and a series of activities came too. Mmogah.com as one of the best dfo gold sellers would like to share the update event with dfo fans. Mmogah has more than 10 years’ experience in the gaming market, ranking No.1 during searching “dfo gold” in google, which is cited as the best place to buy dfo gold by many gamers. Recently, the orders of DFO gold at mmogah are more and more. If you need dfo gold, you can try to place an order at our site.


The activities as below.

1. The Golden Confidential


2. Arad's Got Talent



3. A Gift from the Resistance

Character Balance


Brawler (M)

Grappler (M)

Striker (F)

Brawler (F)

Grappler (F)

Launcher (M)

Launcher (F)

Dimension Walker


Crusader (M)


Dragon Knight

Dark Knight

Explorer Club Update

Explorer Club

The Explorer Club will be updated.

The Explorer Club's overall interface and system will be updated.

Your Explorer Club's name will be displayed in the Explorer Club Main screen.


All your Explorer Clubs on the same account will be merged into one.

Characters on different servers will belong to the same Explorer Club.

If you have 2 or more Explorer Clubs on your account, and then their Levels will be combined.

Their combined level cannot exceed the maximum limit, which is Level 30.


Characters, upon reaching Level 90 will have their Training Level reset to Challenger Level 1.

The Explorer Club hotkey will be added.

In older clients, this hotkey can be used after its default/custom key is set up manually.

The Anton/Luke Raid dungeons will give Explorer Club EXP upon clearance.

Each Raid dungeon will give a different amount of Explorer Club EXP.


Explorer Club Character Collection

A character collection system will be added.

You will be able to select the character you want per advanced class and add them to your Character Collection.

Only 1 character per advanced class can be registered.

If you complete an advanced class in the Collection, then the Advancement button will be outlined.

Only 2nd Awakening characters at Level 90 can be added to your Character Collection.

If you register all the advanced classes for each character, then a button will be activated, enabling you to watch special cinematic.

Each advanced class plays different cinematic.


Explorer Club Expedition

The Expedition content will be added.

Explore dungeons will be unlocked, depending on your Explorer Club Level.

You can send out the characters in your Explorer Club Character collection on Expeditions.

Characters and dungeons have different properties.

Dungeons have a set number of properties (1 - 4), and their properties are randomly changed at 9:00 a.m. UTC every day.

You can use the Auto Party Settings button in the Expedition Character List to automatically select suitable characters for the target dungeon.

You can send out multiple Expedition Parties to different dungeons at the same time.

Dispatch Expedition Parties, and they will return with Glory Crystal rewards after a while.

You can only form an Expedition Party with the characters that are in your Explorer Club Character. Collection and match the properties of the target dungeon.

Dungeon properties are only activated if they match those of the characters in your Expedition Party, and your reward increases by the number of active dungeon properties.

Expedition time can be set up to 24 hours. Your reward varies, depending on the Expedition time.

If you cancel an Expedition halfway through, you will forfeit your reward.


You can send out the characters on your account on Expeditions and get Material items that you can use at the Explorer Club Shop.
Characters have 3 Expedition properties that match the properties of dungeons that they can explore. 
You get more Completion rewards when more properties match.

How to use Expedition

Select the area that you want to Explore. Each Expedition area requires 1 to 4 properties, and its properties are randomly changed at 9:00 a.m. UTC every day.

You can send out the characters that match the area's properties to explore it.

You get more Completion rewards when more properties match.

The reward item, Glory Crystal, can be used at the Explorer Club Shop.


Guild Updates

If guildsmen enter a dungeon together in a party, then their Guild Buff effects will improve in proportion to their number.
- If some of the party members are not in the same guild or not in a guild at all, then the Guild Buff bonus will not be applied.
- Not applied in Raid mode.

The Guildsmen list in the Guild window will display the guildsmen's Main character names, server names, and memos if you bring the cursor over their names.

The Guild Settings feature will be improved.

Guild Advertisement Bulletin Board

The Guild Advertisement Bulletin Board will be added to help you view currently recruiting guilds at a glance.


Epic Renewal

Luke Raid Epic equipment

Savior's Triumph: Cross


Gespenst Hallucination

Fiend Venator Set

Supercontinent Disintegration Set

Nagaraja's Voracity

Seven Sins of Corruption

Special Equipment

Anton Epic weapons

90 Epic weapons

90 Epic Armors

90 Epic accessories / special equipment 

85 Epic weapons

85 Epic armor

85 Epic accessories


Interdimensional Rift: Otherworldly Adversaries

Otherverse/Ancient Dungeon Changes

How to Enter Dungeon

Dungeon Details

Hidden Boss Monsters

Avid System


Appeasing/Liberation Crafting



Arena New Characters



Mage (M):

Blood Mage

Swift Master

Dimension Walker

Priest (F):







Arena Balancing

Arena Changes

Arena Rank / RP Reset

All the Arena ranks will be reset to the beginning grade, and the following rewards will be awarded, depending on the rank.

New Arena Equipments / Item Updates

New Equipment

Arena Equipment Changes

Arena Equipment Acquisition Difficulty Lowered

Coliseum Pot Contents Changed

Arena Convinience Improved

Sizki's Dojo

Arena Auto Skill Allocation

Arena UI

Arena Mission

Other Changes

Re-perform Epic Quests

The Re-perform Quest menu will be added, so you can enjoy the dialogue and cutscene of the quests that you completed before the Origin update once again."

The Re-perform Epic Quest menu will be added

Epic Weapon Crafting Guide Improvement

Towers of Despair/Anguish Reward Update

Item Synergy and Cooldown Reset Option Adjustment System

System Changes

Other Changes


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