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Best Ways to Farm Gold in Dungeon Fighter Online

By Shirley Huang
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In DFO, all the players want to level up fast, farm gold fast, but when you run dungeons, maybe you will come across a lot of confusions:

Which dungeons are dropping the best items?

Which places are best to farm gold?

How to farm gold fast?

What are the best ways to farm gold?

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Farming gold in DFO means players spend cost, energy and time at a minimum but obtain maximal profit (leveling up, dfo gold), this is the real purpose of playing game.


Way NO.1

If you are low level, we advise you to grind the dungeons. Once you reach level 40, you can start doing special dungeons: Valley of Fallen Souls, OtherVerse, Mirror Arad and Ancients. Special dungeons are hard to run, but if you pass successfully, you will get amounts of EXP.


dfo female grappler


Way NO.2

If you want to choose a class easily to farm gold, you can choose Grappler.

The Grappler is a female fighter who takes advantage of leverage and weight. She is adept at grabbing and throwing enemies, controlling enemies and avoiding damage with her grabs.


Way NO.3

The great thing about the awakening quests is that the majority of the awakening materials can be gathered as you progress through the game. When you gather a lot of materials, you will level up fast.


Way NO.4

Pick up everything you see.

In dungeons, there will be a variety of items dropped after killing quite a few enemies. Maybe you believe that these items are useless and you won’t gain anything from them, but you are wrong.


Maybe you will need these items for epic/repeatable quests soon or later.

Some of these items may be useful in future.

When you reach the high level and confirm they are useless, you can sell them on the Auction Hall.


Way NO.5

Do not sell any materials in the beginning, keep them rather than sell them. If you want to be self-sufficient and never miss anything you might need in future, you should hoard everything!


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