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Are You Ready For DFO Four Events?

Shirley Huang July 11th, 2017 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

Good News! Four events are coming to DFO fans. Are you ready? Here MmoGah as one of the best dfo gold stores (Ranking Top 3 during searching “dfo gold” on Google) would like to share these four events with you.


Dungeon & Driver Event

Become a driver and help others clear dungeons!
Be a passenger and get your free ride through the difficult dungeons - Arad!

Whether you choose to be a driver or a passenger, it's a win or win situation!

Period: Jul 11th - Aug 22th, 2017

Driver Recuitment Period: July 11th - July 18th, 09:00 (UTC)  

(You can still become a driver after this period ends)

Taxi Service Period: July18th - August 22th


Driver’s Manual

1. Get the License

Drivers should safely take passengers through dungeons

You can apply to be a driver from July 11th - July 18th 

(Only Lv. 85+ characters may receive a license)


2. How to run a Taxi 

Taxi Service will be available from July 18th to August 22th

Move to the dungeon you want through the NPC in Seria's Room

Create a party and wait for passengers

Clear the dungeon with your passengers


3. Taxi Service Rewards

After clearing the dungeon with passengers, you will receive driver tokens based on the number of passengers you have. Driver Tokens are used to purchase items at the Driver's Shop.

If you have party members with Seria's Welcome buff, you will receive 2 Driver Tokens per passenger!

Important Note:

- Driver Tokens are given based on the number of passengers you have when you have cleared the dungeon.

- Drivers can receive tokens up to 20 times each day/account.

- For Otherverse and Ancient Dungeons, you must clear at least Lv. 3 difficulty to receive driver tokens and the Otherverse entry ticket.


Passenger’s Manual

Get on the Taxi and clear difficult dungeons easily

1. Taxi Information

Any character reach Lv. 17 or higher may ride the taxi from July 18th - August 22th

2. Get on the Taxi

Click 'Find Party' to search for the driver you want

Drivers have a Taxi image beside them, so you can ask to hop on directly

Now clear the dungeon with your driver

3. Passenger Rewards

You can obtain rewards by clearing a dungeon with a driver, and they can be used to purchase items at the shop.

Card Match Game Event 

Period: July 11th - July 25th, 2017(UTC)
Eligibility: Lv.17+ Characters

Enjoy the illustrations of cute SD characters and play the card match game

Important Note:

- Card Match Chance resets at fatigue reset time each day.

- Regardless of your character's level, you will receive 1 Card Match Chance each day.

- Card Match Chance is shared by account.

- When you've matched all pairs of cards, you can play the game until it is reset.

- If you have matched all pairs of cards, you can’t get additional chances after clearing Optimal Level Dungeons.

- Each day card board will reset at fatigue reset time.

Priest’s Divine Blessing Event

Period: Jul 11th - Jul 25th, 2017

The F. Priest will be bestowed upon us through a special burning event

Guide the blessings of the F. Priest to strengthen you during your journey through Arad

Benefits for each burning level

The more fatigue points you consume, the more EXP and stats you will earned. Additional fatigue points as rewards

Please note:

- It is not available in Arena

- When you reach 300 fatigue points each day, you can apply for burning effect

- Skill buff is not applied to TP


The 2nd DFO Fanart Contest

May blessing be upon Arad!

With the arrival of Female Priests in Arad, there will be having another fanart contest!

It’s time to show your affection for the long-awaited Female Priest!

Event Period: July 11th – August 4th.

Winner Announcement: August 10th (UTC)

Participation Requirements

DFO adventure with level 20 or higher level characters

You can submit one entry per account

Please select a level 20+ character as your main character before participating in the event

Fanart Topic

Show your love for the F. Priest!

Only your own illustrations are allowed, screenshots/videos will not be considered.

Contest Awards you can see this image.


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