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Why So Many Accounts Have Been Banned in Blade and Soul

John Ryan April 06th, 2016 Blade and Soul    BNS Gold   

There were many accounts got banned since blade and soul released, which caused lots of discussion among blade & soul players. They are afraid their accounts got banned suddenly without any reason. Here MmoGah as a professional blade and soul gold store has more than 10 years’ experience in the gaming industry, and we would like to share our summary with you from bns forum.

bns account banned

1. Account was compromised

It means that your account has been hacked or accessed by other players. You need to be responsible for the security of the account, including your password, and all activities that occur under your account, and you must hold liable for losses incurred, if someone uses your NCsoft ID, password to visit your account.

You should:

Never share your account information;

Have a unique and complicated password, since too simple password is easy to access by other players;

Connect yourself from a secure computer and network;

Never download unsafe files that might contain viruses/malware.


2. Bug

It avoids players get unnatural or unintended benefits. You can't exploit any bug and communicate the existence of exploitable bug in bns.

- If you find unusual bug in game, we advise you to stop your action. Do not covet small benefits, otherwise your account will get banned, which is a big loss;

- If your account get banned, and your behavior is in accord with NCsoft's rules, you won't need to worry about it, and create a thread to appeal. Make sure your thread mentions all the details on what you did, including where it was, when you started, when you ended, when you deleted the items, etc...

The similar situation happened in other games, such as: FFXIV, Wow, few accounts got banned, but many accounts have been banned in Nostalrius begins, since GM team is very strict with management, you can learn more details in this article: The important affair in notstalrius. You need to be careful and do not exploit any bug in blade and soul.


3. Multiboxing

It means playing multiple characters simultaneously in a multiplayer online game. If you do this, your account will get banned.


4. Botting

It means that hardware or software allows automation control of the game.

You can't use any third-party program in blade and soul, in order to automate gameplay functions, including playing, chatting, interacting or gathering items. The third-party are Cheat engine, Botting, any kind of downloadable program designed to cheat in some ways. Sometimes antiviruses are detected as the third-party programs. 

You can't assist, relay or store items for other players who are using these processes. You can't attempt to play this game on any server that is not controlled or authorized by NCsoft. 

From here, you can see NCsoft is strict with management in blade & soul, but it is good for the servers and all players. We advise that you should be careful, no greed, obey the rules and not do any illegal activity. 


You should pay attention to every aspect of your account’s safety when you buy bns gold (bns gold kaufen) and blade & soul power leveling (no bots/no cheats/no other illegal methods) service, choosing a reliable seller is very important, and we introduce this article to you: How to choose a reliable seller without getting banned. Considering your account’s safety, we provide the secure trade method: Through Cross-Server Dungeon. Until now, none of our customers got banned for buying bns gold at mmogah. If you choose Face-to-Face and In-game Mailbox, the chances of getting banned for buying blade & soul gold will increase dramatically. 

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