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Why Blade and Soul Is So Popular

John Ryan January 27th, 2016 Blade and Soul    BNS Gold   

It has been a week since Blade and Soul released in Europe and North America at 12 AM EST on January 19, which gains high praise from players. There have been over one million players added since Blade & Soul released, and many players have placed a great many of  Blade and Soul gold orders at MmoGah. Some players said that Blade & Soul is one of the most exciting games in 2016. All these information fully shows that Blade and Soul is really popular.

blade and soul

MmoGah as one of the best Blade and Soul gold sellers and a professional Blade and Soul power leveling site  has more than 10 years’ experience in the gaming industry. Here we would like to tell you that why Blade and Soul is so popular.

1.      Character Customization

Developer provides a customizable system of character in Blade & Soul. Customizing a character includes his/her hair style, facial structure, eyes color, height and body type.

2.      Races and Classes

In the community of martial artists, there are four races: the deliberate Gon, the mischevious Lyn, the elegant Yun and the industrious Jin.
There are seven classes: Blade Master, Destroyer, Summoner, Force Master, Kung Fu Master, Assassin and Blade Dancer. Each class has its own strength, defense, ability and devastating combo, which is different from classic MMORPG.

3.      Combat System

In a single combat, you can use about 40 skills with 13 buttons, which is different from classic MMORPG.

- You can use 34 to 48 skills, which depends on classes that you choose;

- All skills can be used in a single combat at a time;

-You can use 13 buttons to activate the skills in all classes.

4.      Cross server Dungeon

Developer has introduced the most advanced technique in Blade and Soul, which destroyed the limit between servers. It is very cool to keep playing together, even if players are on different servers.

5.      Wind walking System (Qing Gong) 

Wind walking/Qing Gong includes walking on water and walls, flying through the air. The entire Dragon Pulse system allows you to cover large distances without any action.

Sprint is the first part of learning. After that, you can glide slowly through the air until reaching the floor. When you unlock your Martial road, you'll enter Dragon Pulse system which sends you from one place to another place. You don't need to input any message, and you can access more maps.

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