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Twisted Grimhorn wilds, Gloomdross Incursion and Shattered Masts’ Guide in Blade and Soul

John Ryan July 14th, 2016 Blade and Soul    BNS Gold   

In July 20, Blade and soul will release the new update-Shadows of the Innocents, which includes the new story of ACT5 and 3 new heroic dungeons.

Today, mmogah wants to share you with the guides of Twisted Grimhorn wilds, Gloomdross Incursion and Shattered Masts.

Guide to the Boss in Twisted Grimhorn Wilds


Event1: Purify millenium tree and escort snapjaw shaikh to the road fork, then defeat the boss together.

Event2: The execution in guillotine. Prevent pontiff from conducting the Behead Ritual.

              (Event 1 and 2 will be triggered by killing elite monsters*100.)

Event3: Summon the ultimate boss: Blazing Fiend.

The whole process of this dungeon has no connection with whether the huge spider and fiend are killed or not, and the happening of event 1 and 2 have no fixed sequence. The trigger of event3 is: Finish event 1/2 and kill 100 elite monsters.


Guide to Gloomdross Incursion


You should protect point 1 and 2 first when you come in. There is a foam man in point 1, which is similar to that in the Necropolis. It is recommended that your team should clear minions first to avoid being surrounded by them. When the foam man is killed, the signs of QiGong, arrow and gun will appear. Go to those places and kill monsters, then Poharan’s soldiers will show up and help you.

In point 2, a boomer will appear in random direction, which resists many negative effects. Killing red spider will drop a blue pearl, which can bundle boomer for 15s. If the boss is close to point, a party swipe will be triggered.


Boss battle. 

HP: 976w. Rampage time: 8 mins.

Attack mode:

1. Phantom grip

2. Right and left arm strike

3. Floor kick

4. Throw ball

5. Ground strike

6. Summon evil egg

Your team should focus on its skill 6. Do not let minions from those eggs be close to boss, the minions can recover the boss for 100w HP.

Guide to Shattered Masts


Boss HP: 1830w. Rampage time: 9 mins.

Attack mode:

2 hitstornadogriprepeat  (Tank-prefered player will be familiar with this mode.)

           →Boss begins to throw mudthe ground become polluted by dark chi.

           →3 ground strikes towards aggro playerthrows mud againranged attack towards all players

           →chargedark chi spraying-upFull-screen ult.



Notes: Dark chi will cast a bleed debuff to you, which can be stacked 99 times. Every level will reduce some HP and reduce your healing ability. Try not to stay in dark chi for too long.

Its ranged attack can be blocked. Counter its charge skill to cast a weak debuff to it, then you will get a HP healing buff, which can improve your HP cap. You must get this buff because your original HP is not enough for the debuff of dark chi. When you get this healing buff, boss will cast an undefendable linear attack. You should avoid its skill range.


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