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Top Priority- Guide for Gold Acquisition in Blade and Soul

In Blade and Soul, whether he or she is a Blade Master, Assassin or Summoner, that is in fact how he will thrive as a super martial artist. Man can’t live without blade and soul gold. He or she also must have a steady flow of bns gold in their storages. He doesn’t need to be exceedingly rich and have an endless stream of gold, but having more than just enough could turn an otherwise average-skilled player into a formidable character.


However, you’re one of those players who are content to just get by, know that this could limit what you can do. Gold is the currency through which you can level fast and kill enemies with better efficiency. Both are possible when you have your weapons and materials appropriately upgraded, and who wouldn’t want that?


Blade and Soul Gold doesn’t grow on trees but you can farm them. The following are the main options for farming gold in Blade and Soul:

Guide for Gold Acquisition in Blade and Soul

Gathering and Crafting

Sub-professions is one of the best ways to make Gold income. Some professions are more profitable, i.e., makes more gold than others. Naturally, you’d want to get gold from professions that save you time and requires the least amount of effort, or at least one that doesn’t waste it. For this, you would want to engage in early game and late game professions as they let you harvest the most currency.


Aside from knowing these most gold-profitable phases, it is also important to know exactly which materials are most useful to players in general. Early game players have a substantial need for pottery items while late game players require soul shield crafts. Depending on what level they’re in, players would have greater need for certain materials, so you should be basing your choice of profession on what is highly in demand.


Auction house

Although the auction house won’t be of much worth to you in the beginning stages, soon enough it will be when you’ve run enough dungeons and have obtained a stack of possessions which you can trade for gold. You can only do this through your respective region’s auction house where you can expect that demand for different sorts of items are constantly changing. It’s imperative that you have a good idea of what’s valuable at a given period and what’s not, as bidders are not likely to hand over their precious gold for items that aren’t as needed.

Guide for Gold Acquisition in Blade and Soul


By doing daily quests absolutely you earn gold simply, this is your main source of gold even without having to grind repeatedly but when you want to upgrade your gears it will not enough. By regularly doing a dungeon run, you are assured of at least a sufficient amount of gold that can be used for upgrades and other expenditures. Look for gold as you progress towards the end of some dungeons, and don’t be afraid to open boxes. These could contain some valuable materials which you can then sell at the auction house, letting you earn some serious profit.


Your class, will play a role in how you amass gold coupled with your skills. Choosing a class that doesn’t have the greatest AoE, for example, might require you to work doubly hard to get gold, so take that into account right at the beginning. In that scenario, you’ll simply have to opt for another way to farm.


Other currencies

In PvP battle doing daily quests is also recommended. In place of gold, you gain Zen Beans which are the main currency for this mode. Just like gold, Zen Beans can be used for upgrading materials and skills, as well as for crafting. The Arena is where you are most guaranteed to gain these valuable beans and particularly if you’re on a winning streak. That is to say, even if you don’t always win in a fight, you still get Zen Beans. And how do you slay the competition for more beans on an Arena? That is something that the PvP guide will be most useful.

Guide for Gold Acquisition in Blade and Soul

As previously mentioned, you will get gold simply by dungeon runs. These are but some suggestions through which you can be a more skilled and more effective harvester of gold and/or the equally valuable Zen Beans. Apart from running dungeons, obtaining or retaining gold by knowing when and how much gold to spend could also be help to preserve your hard-earned currency.


Being focused on farming gold may not be the most fulfilling way to quest and may even slow down leveling to those who think that spending an inordinate amount of time grinding will help them gain more gold. The ability to accumulate wealth may not be the ultimate goal for some, but being able to do so will always prove to be a priceless skill.


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