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SPOILERS: The Story of Act 4 of Blade and Soul​

With development of the storyline of Blade and Soul, more and more players want to know what will happen in ACT 4. What is the ending of Jinsoyun? Who killed Jiwan? What is the relation between Jinsoyun and the Four Guardians? What is the fate of the Talus Dominion? What roles will the character play in saving the world? Today, mmogah wants to tell the story of ACT4 in CN version.

Jiwan & Jinsoyun

WARNING: The following content may have massive spoilers for those players who have not completed the campaign quests !!

As a climax of the whole story, the ACT 4 of Blade and Soul begins from “the road to darkness”. The character has left no stone unturned in approaching Jinsoyun even joined the Empire Army to fight. We can also know Namsoyoo’s life experience, the cause of death of 陈苏儿’s father, the love story between Emperor Wan and Namsoyoo’ mother 南雪灵, and why the Emperor Wan established the Talus Dominion in this ACT.

Along with the development of the story, the character encountered with the Eight Masters. After competitions of martial arts with you, the Eight Masters chose to sacrifice their lives to dispel the Dark Chi in your body and cure the Mark of the Black Rose. At this time, two choices were in front of you: continue to the road of darkness or go back to the road of Hoonmoon.

the four guardiansAfter choosing the road of Hoonmoon, the character made a time travel to the previous age which told the past among Mushin, Jiwan and Jinsoyun. At that time, Mushin was affected by Dark Chi and lose his mind. One part of the Dark Lord was sealed in his body, the Dark Lord manipulated Mushin and wanted to use the power of Twilight’s Edge to break the seal. It was unfortunate that Jiwan gave out all his Chi before to cure Jinsoyun, almost wrecked. Mushin hurt Jiwan and forced Jinsoyun to gave up the Twilight’s Edge, but he didn’t succeed because of the arrival of Iksanun and Hong Sokgyun. Iksanun and Hong Sokgyun both believed that it was Jinsoyun who hurt Jiwan because at this moment she held the Twilight’s Edge and Mushin slandered her in the meanwhile. Without waiting for Jinsoyun’s explanation to Hong Sokgyun and Iksanun, Mushin wanted to kill her directly but her master Jiwan blocked this hit for her. After witnessing her master’s death, Jinsoyun, at her full wrath, brandished the sword and hurt Mushin.

Then Hong Sokgyun hit Jinsoyun fallen to cliff and took back the sword. Grievance, agony and revenge, the three darkest things in the world arose from Jinsoyun’s mind, making her lingering on the Heaven and could not reincarnate.  The Dark Lord seized this opportunity and allured Jinsoyun to choose the darkness road. The Lord rebuilt her physical body and gave her demon’s power. Since then, to revenge is Jinsoyun’s purpose to live.

In the Chapter 29 of the ACT 4, Jinsoyun used Namsoyoo as a psychic media to conduct a horrible ritual for summoning the Dark Lord. In this mass chaos caused by Jinsoyun, Emperor Wan and Junghado came on the stage one by one and Gwon saved Namsoyoo.


Mushin thought he was invincible after getting the Twilight’s Edge and chose 苏玲珑 as his psychic media to contact the Dark Lord. However, Jinsoyun had waited this moment for a long time, too. She used the Twilight’s Edge to kill Mushin and broke the dark seal in his body to send back the Dark Lord to the Dark Realm.

Seeing Mushin’s failure, Yura wanted to kill Jinsoyun but she was prevented by Gubong and hit down from the God’s Will Altar. (General Gubong just did one good thing at last.) Yura was the manipulator at the start who broke Mushin’s Seal and that’s why Mushin awakened after thousand years of silence and Jinsoyun also knew there was one part of the Dark Lord in Mushin’s body from the beginning.

Revenge of Jinsoyun

At this crucial moment, the Character came forward courageously, stopping the Dark Lord’s conspiracy and finally defeating Jinsoyun and the evil Jinsoyun. However, as the media, 苏玲珑 was sent to the dark realm by Mushin. The character finally chose to give up the Twilight’s Edge to save 苏玲珑.

After stopping this chaos, the character was teleported to Heaven’s Reach. Immortal Jiwan came to here and asked you to save Jinsoyun by using your Hoonmoon martial arts. Jinsoyun was saved by your help and reincarnated to a little young girl without dark chi’s erosion. However, the future will not be so bright as we imagine. The story of evil Ebondrake and Emperor Wan will continue in next ACT.

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