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Preview of Shattered Empire Update(2) - Guide to Cold Storage Dungeon

Preview of Shattered Empire Update(2)

- Guide to Cold Storage Dungeon

Boss of Cold Storage: Winter Mane

Today, mmogah wants to share with you a useful guide to Cold Storage Dungeon in Blade and Soul in upcoming 4.27 Shattered Empire update.There is only one boss in Cold Storage dungeon - Winter Mane. This dungeon needs a 6-man team and needs to use phoenix pillar to enter into it, which is different from 4-man dungeons. Cold Storage has a simple map structure and a small quantity of monsters. You may contact with the boss about 2 or 3mins.




Skill details of Winter Mane

1. Normal attack with left hand

2. Frontal 180 degree sweep attack with right hand; with knockback effect

3. 360 degree AOE; 3 hits; the last hit has knockback effect

4. Throw its surrounding ice to players, be frozen when you was hit

5. Randomly draw back a player with iron chain

6. Continuous attacks towards the drawn-back player

7. Charge and roaring attack

8. Jump into the air and strike on the ground heavily

9. Heavily tread on the ground with left feet to generate daze AOE

10. Resist: Counter frontal attack

11. Stick its right hand on the ground to summon a automaton

12. Generate 6000 damage and full-screen flash when automaton contacted with the boss

13. Throw ice; 18s of frozen state and subsequent seckill effect when player was hit

14. Randomly generate ice ground after boss’s HP below 1 million; explode and cause damage to player after a time


BNS-winter mane


Frequent skill sequences of Winter Mane

1. 1-2-1-3-8 (Normal sequence at the beginning of the fight.)

2. 13-8-9 (Another sequence after skill 3 when boss’s HP below a certain level; skill 8 can’t be blocked and has an amazing cast speed; player needs to use block or resist skills in advance.)

3. 11-4-7 (Skill 7 can’t be blocked, too. Players should communicate with teammates in advance to use joint skill to limit boss’s movement.)

4. The use of skill 5 6 10 12 14 depends on different situations.



Tips1: How to know which direction does Winter Mane summon the automaton ?

Boss will first face to the automaton he wants to summon and generate a shock wave to activate it. You should run to that direction ahead of time and attack the automaton ASAP after it wakes up. (If not, the automaton will fly to boss directly, generating full-screen flash when contacted and adding a defense buff to boss. )

Tips2: Where does the so-called pierce buff come from ?

Boss will cast a frozen skill with right hand at intervals towards the player at the farmost distance (can be dodged by QESS). If the automaton smashed into you when you are frozen, you will be free and get this pierce buff.


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