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Preview of Shattered Empire Update(1) - A Useful Guide to Whirlwind Valley

John Ryan April 19th, 2016 Blade and Soul    BNS Gold   

Preview of Shattered Empire Update(1)

-A Useful Guide to Whirlwind Valley

Whirlwind Valley will be a brand new 6v6 team-based PVP mode in Blade and Soul in the 4.27 Shattered Empire update of western version. Today, mmogah wants to share with you a useful guide to Whirlwind Valley in CN version as a preview.

Players can press F8 to queue up and enter this battlefield when gathering 6 people. In this map, 12 players will be separated into 2 groups to fight with reaching 1800 points as their aims.


When entering the battlefield, two groups of players will be randomly put on the northeastern and the southwestern corner of the map. The NE corner is close to the north censer, SW corner to south censer. The people in north can not go to SW directly and the people in south can not go to NE either. There is an underground passage connecting the north and the south. After 3mins when battle begins, this passage will open but it doesn’t lead to central area directly.

The battle between the 2 parties will last 15mins. The original point of them are zero when battle begins. Rules of getting points: when 1 censer is captured by a group, its point will increase at a speed of 1pts/s; and so on 2 censers-3pts/s; 3 censers-5pts/s. Killing an enemy will get 30 pts. The group first reaching 1800 pts or getting a higher pts when time runs out will win.



The Whirlwind Valley doesn’t have a system of balancing players’ attributes, which means the gap between their equipment really counts.

First, players should change their skill build to PVP mode. Crowdcontrol, high burst damage skill and control-release skill are priorities.

What’s more, players should change character view distance to 5 in settings to watch enemies’ movement. More importantly, teammates should have a good communication to report recent conditions at any time.

Second, players have 1mins to adjust talents and get tonic buff before battle begins. (Take the healing tonic or revival charm if you have.)

Finally, players should exercise more in PVP and pray for not matching high level of enemies.


The Whirlwind Valley map is similar with normal MOBA maps, which has 3 lanes: top, middle and bottom. The middle lane is the shortest.

TOP: Players need to jump down to light the censer but can’t go back.

MIDDLE: Drastic battles were often erupted here. It is the only way to connect top lane and bottom lane before the underground passage opens.

BOTTOM: One can manage to capture the south censer if he or she runs at a full speed, so at least 1 player should go this lane.

Every lane has a censer. After 6 seconds of countdown, player can capture it and at the same time get a 5s damage-immune buff which may bring a turnaround in battle. If the opposite gets this buff, just avoid them.

BNS-Whirlwind Valley map

New players are supposed to avoid fights in such narrow areas like gorges or underground because the poor vision there will lead them to lose targets. Players are free to use windwalking ability in this map. If players were killed by an enemy, they can revive from the base. For battle formation, 222/303/141/060 are recommonded.

Class Analysis.

The fights in Whirlwind Valley are similar to fight outdoors, so those powerful outdoor classes like Destroyer and Summoner are very popular. Assassin can play a great role in capturing censers. Warlock and Blade Dancer has a high burst damage. As a long-range class, Force Master has lots of life-secure skills and long-distance damage skills, so it can act as the censer keeper. Blade Master has many control skills, whose summon soulblades can protect teammates well in this map. In conclusion, a team need 1 assassin at least, the other 5 people can be any class.

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