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Mushin’s Tower Floor 8 in Blade and Soul

Mushin’s Tower in Blade and Soul, believed to be the place where the Divine Fist was trained.” During the training, born in the darkness of his heart, three challenges need Mushin to overcome. These challenges have manifested into Phantom projections of himself. Each of Mushin’s Phantoms are a truly force to be reckoned with, while nowhere near the level of the Divine Fist.

Mushin’s Tower Floor 8 in Blade and Soul

Mushin’s Pain

The first of three of Mushin’s phantoms. With 500k, 2:30 enrage for an instant death, and 1x CC bars, he is entirely stationary throughout the fight and immune to pulls, but is of relatively no threat to ranged. He will periodically gain True Sight even while not attacking, so watch out Assassins.


First Mushin will start with a field-wide Phantom Grip that can’t be iframed, and proceed to apply a stack of Searing Palm. He is immune to damage until after his initial Phantom Grip.


Two hit punch, inflicts chill.

A linear fire punch inducing knockback and knockdown. Red attack so cannot be blocked.

A wide cone sweep inducing knockdown. Red attack so cannot be blocked.

Leaps into the middle of the room and gains a damage absorbing barrier.

Leaps into the middle of the room and produces ice puddles in a pentagon around him, with one ice area of effect erecting directly from him after.

Linear Phantom Grip which ignores block, follows into a knockback punch if the grip connects.

If Mushin receives a Knockdown, he will do a 360 spinning kick as he gets up, which inflicts Stun. He will do this for all phases.

Mushin’s Tower Floor 8 in Blade and Soul

Mushin’s Rage

The second of Mushin’s phantoms, sitting at 727k HP and a 4:30 enrage. Unlike Pain, Rage is not stationary, and has more attacks to deal with.


Once again, Mushin performs an unavoidable field-wide Phantom Grip inflicting Searing Palm and is immune to attacks doing so.


1. Two hit punch, inflicts chill.

2. Teleports to your right.

3. Counter. Inflicts stun if hit into it, after which Mushin unleashes a highly damaging air combo.

4. Two hit punch.

5. Teleport to your right.

6. An arc punch inflicting stun, leads into a highly damaging air combo after stun. Red attack. Can’t be CC’d while performing this.

7. Teleports away.

8. Repeat.

May randomly throw the arc punch, a linear red knockback, or Phantom Grip in his rotation.

He may also create pentagon-shaped ice puddles and an ice field under him, rise into the air and throw five projectiles, and a ground slam that inflicts knockback.

May also leap back and perform a three hit kick, the second inducing a bit of knockup.

If you are stunned, Mushin will kick you into the air for a highly damaging air combo.

If standing too far, Mushin performs a four-hit kick combo.

If knocked down, Mushin performs a whirlwind kick that inflicts a bit of knockback.


At 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20%, Mushin cleanses all debuffs, jumps into the center and drops a flaming puddle in the middle, and a red fire field that expands outward four times and; stand near the walls and then iframe the final field. Mushin then teleports to you after. He can’t be CC’d while jumping and while casting the fire field, but can be CC’d in between right after he lands.

Mushin’s Tower Floor 8 in Blade and Soul

Mushin’s Darkness

The final and strongest form of Mushin’s phantoms, sitting at 1.242 million HP and a 4:30 enrage timer, essentially fighting the same way as Rage, including the Searing Palm opening and fire field. Key differences are his attacks are much stronger, and his arc stun punch comes out much faster.


Periodically Mushin will project a field around him that, if you’re standing in it, gives you “Mushin’s Might” buff for +30 Attack Power but deals damage over time for the duration of the fight, and stacks multiple times; Mushin is immune to damage and CCs while casting the field.


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