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Midnight Skypetal Plains in Blade and Soul


Midnight at Skypetal Plains is the first 24 man raid in Blade and Soul, and it has the coveted legendary soul shield. But how does one kill the Sacred Longgui to get this soul shield? This guide shall explain how to do the raid.

Guide for this

Starting at stage 3, the tank should reset his attack pattern by moving 14m away after every third attack. To spawn the Sacred Longgui, kill all the mobs at each moon camp, small ones first, then large ones, and then the mushroom. Then kill the lizard in the north. Repeat until the Sacred Longgui spawns. Dps the turtle and iframe or avoid his attacks.


Kill the adds at the edges of the Sacred Longgui’s grove and pick up the watering can the grassquatch drops, use it on the flowers to remove poison stacks. Stage 4+ the Sacred Longgui summons miniboss adds, one person should kill spiders for webbing orbs and use them on the miniboss adds so they don’t run to the tank, and everyone in the raid kills them as they spawn. Between each phase repeat the initial process of killing mobs to spawn the next phase.

Party forming

The Midnight at Skypetal Plains raid is located in Zaiwei, by the Cardinal Gates. In order to enter Midnight at Skypetal Plains, you must have completed Chapter 31 of Act 4. You must also be in a 24 person alliance, which is comprised of four teams of six people, a functionality that should be released with Midnight at Skypetal Plains.


In order to make a 24 man alliance, you simply need to invite someone to a full 6 man party, and you will be prompted to create an alliance. This is not the same as 24 man zones in the past (Beastbog, Grimhorn Wilds). This is more like a 24 man dungeon, where only the people in your party can enter, and you start it from the beginning.


Party effects such as buffs and iframes only work in each individual party, therefore, you need to consider each party’s composition. An optimal 6 person party composition would include a Warlock, a Kung Fu Master or Assassin, a source of a party iframe (Force Master, Blade Master, Blade Dancer, Assassin, Summoner can all fulfill this role), and a healer (Soul Fighter or Summoner). A Force Master specifically is preferred for phases 5 and 6. These will all make the kill faster or smoother, but none are required.


There are four dailies for Midnight at Skypetal Plains.

Kill stages 1-3 of the Sacred Longgui

Kill 6 grassquatches and pick up their drop

Kill one of the three summoned bosses 4 times and pick up their drop

Kill some of the jellies that can spawn

All of these can be accomplished by doing the raid normally.

Spawning Sacred Longgui

Each of the moons represents an encampment. Each encampment has one mushroom that is invulnerable, surrounded by 6 grassquatches, and surrounding those are a large amount of small yeti creatures, similar to the mobs in Twisted Grimhorn. This is Sacred Longgui’s rage bar. You fill this up by killing mobs around the area. Each mob gives a set amount of points towards the rage bar, and the amount of points required goes up with each stage. These gates are scattered throughout the area. Running through one gives you a 30 second movement speed increase.


Whenever you kill one of the small yeti mobs, a debuff is applied to you that reduces your healing by 5% and your hp by 3%. This debuff can stack up to twenty times. Killing a grassquatch will dispel all stacks of the debuff. When all of the mobs around a mushroom are killed, both small and large, the mushroom will become vulnerable, and you can kill it. When the mushroom is killed, it drops an egg, a hole appears in the ground, and one of the three minibosses will spawn. Pick up the egg and place it in the hole to spawn a mob from the hole, the next camp in your area, and one of the three bosses.


When you put the egg in the hole, 4 mobs can spawn:

Bulbari, gives few points to the bar and nothing else, just ignore and move to the next camp. Far and away the most common result.

Treasure Plant, doesn’t give many points, but it can drop a locked soulshield box. Only the party of the person who picks up the box can bid on the box. (Note: unsure if guaranteed legendary box, or rng soulshield box)

Plant Golem, gives some points to the bar, killing will make you immune to the hp/healing reduction debuff for 5 minutes. Generally not worth the time killing, better to run to the next camp.


Golden Mushroom, will instantly fill rage bar to max.


The other two (Minotaur and iron neck) are irrelevant, killing them removes poison buff/heals party. Ignore these.


After killing a miniboss, there is a small chance for a rat to spawn. The rat can drop a soulshield box, again, only the people in the party who pick it up can bid on it. Small chance for a boss to spawn there after killing one of the three main bosses. It will disappear after 1-2 minutes if not engaged. Successfully killing will cause jellies to spawn at each of the trees.

These jellies have low hp and fill up bar very quickly. Also a daily. Once the rage bar fills the Sacred Longgui will spawn. This process repeats between every Sacred Longgui phase. After you kill a phase of Sacred Longgui, there is a chance for a golden pig to spawn.


Killing the golden pig instantly fills the rage bar to max.

The golden spider can spawn whenever you kill a normal spider. Killing the golden spider gives 10,000 points to the rage bar.


Killing the Sacred Longgui

There are 6 phases to the boss, between each phase you need to go through the spawning procedure. Phases 2, 4 and 6 each have a dynamic quest involved, which gives you a dynamic quest box. Every phase of Sacred Longgui adds new mechanics to the boss, increases its hp, and in later phases, gives it enragement. Every region has different HP and enragement for each phase, and we will be no exception. As that is the region we will most likely be the closest to.


Strategy phase by phase

Phase 1:

No major mechanics, just avoid attacks, iframe what you can’t avoid. Party iframes should be used on circles of death or spins.


Phase 2:

Poison cloud is added, party iframes should be used for this.

Phase 3:

Tank should move 14m away every 3 attacks to prevent circles of death. After he summons the poison swamp, tank should move 14m away to force Sacred Longgui to jump out of the swamp.


Phase 4:

Now people start doing mechanics. Assign one person to kill the spider for the webbing ball, they should kill the spider at the start, and after every poison cloud. At the start, everyone but the tank should kill the gnarloxes around the edges, as well as the bulbari (move away before the grassquatch spawns so you don’t aggro it). When the miniboss spawns, the webber should web it, and everyone kills it. At about 75%, people should start killing the grassquatches to drop the watering cans. After the poison cloud is created (there will be a message), the people holding the cans should water the plants immediately. The second poison cloud can be ignored, Sacred Longgui should be killed fast enough for it not to matter (if it can’t be ignored due to lack of regen, repeat killing the adds).

Phase 5:

This is where enrage starts, and where your strategies actually matter. There are three general strategies that are adopted.

Assign one person to each group of gnarloxes except one (only 4 are needed for phase 5). Their job is to kill the gnarloxes and bulbari at the start, and they need to kill the grassquatch before the poison cloud is created so they can water asap (depends on their dps, 75% hp should be good enough). This doesn’t need to be your highest dps people, but they need to be reasonably well geared. Assign one person to be the spider killer.

Mob method. When turtle lets out the poison, everyone in the raid moves to the outer edges to kill the adds for the watering cans, then kills the gnarloxes when they respawn. This method is less efficient, but requires less coordination.

Screw mechanics we have dps. Ignore everything. Tank the poison, people who die can run back. Let the minibosses run to the tank and aoe it down. Not recommended except for the highest geared parties, and even then is extremely risky as you need a ton of regen to tank the poison alone, and enough aoe damage to burst down the minibosses before they get actually dangerous.

Having a force master in each party is helpful here for the roar, otherwise use what party iframes you have for the roar.


Phase 6:

This is going to be the hardest one, the highest hp and most damage. Assign one person to each group of adds so they can water the flowers, and assign two people to killing the spiders for the orbs, since two of the minibosses spawn at once. They should be trying to maximize their dps on the Sacred Longgui, but must not be late in their duties.


When you clear a phase, you get a locked box (normal keys to open). This is what is contained in the phase 1 box. The box is guaranteed to contain one piece of grass. Each phase’s box can contain more grass. 20 grass can be combined into a moonlight flower, which is the currency used in the raid’s shop.


The box also has a chance to give you a soulshield box, the soulshield pieces it can give you depends on the phase. Phase 1 can give 1-3, phase 2 can give 1-4, phase 3 can give 1-5, phase 4 can give 1-6, and phase 5 can give 1-8.


The soulshield boxes are not guaranteed to give you a legendary soulshield. You are guaranteed to get a purple soulshield, and have a chance to get a locked legendary soulshield box. The purple soulshield is similar to Ebondrake Citadel and Asura soulshield, but in between them statswise.


As stated earlier, the raid shop’s currency is flowers. They can be used to buy outfits, an RNG box, stones of wisdom, flowers of lament, and can be used alongside Moonlight Crystals to buy legendary soulshield boxes. Green moonlight crystals can be acquired from salvaging Asura and Twisted soulshields, yellow moonlight crystals can be acquired by salvaging Ebondrake and Oblivion soulshieds, purple moonlight crystals come from salvaging Aman and Furnace soulshields (currently unreleased). In order to buy the soulshields, you need to have completed certain phases of Sacred Longgui. Phase 3 achievement is required for 1-5 and phase 5 achievement is required for 6-8. In order to buy other equipment, you need to buy blade and soul gold.

Legendary soulshield boxes and other things can also be purchased by premium members from Dragon Express for a discount. So now you have a legendary soulshield box, but it’s locked, and you don’t have the correct keys.


Sacred Longgui keys can be bought from the raid shop for 10 stingers and 2 moonstones, or from the premium shop for 8 stingers and 1 moonstones. Note: TW/JP can obtain keys from completing daily dash, we may get that too.


It takes multiple keys to open a soulshield box, scaling up with the soulshield number. 1-2 takes 3 keys, 3-4 takes 4 keys, 5-6 takes 5 keys, 7-8 takes 6 keys.


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