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Introduction of the Tower of Infinity of Blade and Soul

John Ryan May 27th, 2016 Blade and Soul    BNS Gold   

tower of infinity

The Tower of Infinity will be presented to Blade and Soul players when the Vengeance Breaks update released, which is an ultimate single-player dungeon. In this tower, player will face humanoid AI-controlled boss of 8 existing classes of BNS. The higher floor you climb, the stronger boss you will meet. If you want to conquer the highest floor, you need to make great efforts in practicing your fight techniques.

The Tower of Infinity is adjacent to the Mushin’s Tower, they are both single-player dungeons, the former has a total of 100 floors, the latter has 15 floors in the current patch 2.1. In the Tower of Infinity, you will meet different bosses of 8 classes. Besides being familiar with the features of your own class, you should have a comprehensive understanding of other classes as well.

tower of infinity2

In the tower, you can choose one of the martial arts of strategy, which randomly appears in each floor. They have different types such as powerful control skill, additional damaging skill or super defensive skill. There is a time limitation in each floor. If you defeat your enemy in fixed time, you can enter the next floor. If you are defeated or exceed the time, system will begin to calculate your scores including battle performance and corresponding awards.

There are some tips you should know. When boss has a about 60% HP, it will cast control-release skill like TAB or F. When 60% or lower, counter skills. Boss will not attack you but walk around when you use invincible skills. (Before floor 60, boss may use normal attack).


AI-Controlled System

The tower is an 1v1, PVE based dungeon. The boss’s AI become more wiser as you climb higher. The boss with higher AI is able to use resist, counter or control skills, which is harder to defeat compared with some real players.

Martial Arts of Strategy

The system of the tower provides you with 3 different martial arts. You can choose one of them after considering your strategy towards enemy in this floor. The one you chose can’t be used again in next floor, while the other 2 will be retained.

martial arts of strategy

Overleap Mechanism

The tower has a total of 100 floors and you can’t quit midway. To avoid climbing every floor one by one, an overleap mechanism is introduced here. The system will overleap floor for players according to their rest fight time. But if you are defeated or can’t defeat the boss in fixed time, system will sent you out and calculate your final scores.


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