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How to Get Soul Shield from Level 1-50 in Blade and Soul

As you know, Soul Shield is a unique system in blade and soul that gives you additional stats. It is made of 8 fragments, and it acts as an extra "piece" of equipment which increases your offensive and defensive capabilities. Your armor doesn’t give any stat except defensive ability, but soul shield can fill this vacancy. So how to get soul shield is the key point that many players focus on. Here Mmogah gives some summary to blade & soul players.


Thousand Soul Shield

Require Level 6

In blade and soul, level 6 is the first level where you can get a good set of soul shield. After killing the boss or monster at the Graveyard Area in King Forest or Royal Dragon Forest, and spinning the Wheel of Fate, you can get the Thousand soul shield. 


Viridian Soul Shield

Require Level 20

When you reach level 20, you can go to find a merchant in Jadestone village and give him 8 Viridian valor stones to exchange for a set of shield. You can get the stones by finishing daily quests.


Desert Heroic Soul Shield

Require Level 28

At first, you need to have cinder land valor stones that can be dropped from daily quests, and then give the stones to exchange for Desert Heroic soul shield that is from a merchant, who lives in the inn.


Desert Scorpion Soul Shield

Require Level 33

When you reach level 33, you can choose the Desert Scorpion soul shield with a high rate, but how and where to get the shield? You will find the Picky World Boss outside of the inn and kill it, then you can spin the wheel to get the Desert Scorpion soul shield.

bns soul shield

Sacrificial Soul Shield

Require Level 36

Sacrificial soul shield is available when you hit level 36, but you need to kill three bosses in Tomb of the Exiles dungeon to get the Sacrificial soul shield.


Moonwater Soul Shield

Require Level 41

If you are a new player, the Moonwater soul shield is recommended for you, since it is more powerful than the Sacrificial soul shield.

It demands you give 8 Moonwater valor stones to exchange for Moonwater soul shield that is from a merchant, who lives in Fengdeng valley warehouse located in the Moonwater plain.


Dokumo or Sea Snake Soul Shield

Require Level 45

After you have done 4 moonwater dungeons, the Dokumo soul shield will be dropped from a box. It takes a long time to collect a set of shield. You can get the Sea Snake soul shield by grinding the Artillery Orchid dungeon. Compare Dokumo soul shield with Sea Snake soul shield, the former’s stats are not as good as latter, so it is not worth the sweat, but if you are interested in Dokumo soul shield, you can try to do it. Anyway it is better than the Sacrificial soul shield.


Require Level 50
Yeti Soul Shield - Dropped location: Avalanche Den 

Scorpion Devil Soul Shield - Dropped location: Awakened Necropolis

Scorpion Soul Shield - Dropped location: Lair of the Frozen Fang

In the upcoming update (Bns Shattered Empire Update Is Coming on April 27), there are two new Heroic dungeons, a new one is Sogun’s Lament, which will drop Asura Soul Shield. Well, it will be the best soul shields in this update. 


All in all, in order to collect these amazing soul shields, players need not only lots of blade and soul gold but also much time to farm materials. If your bns gold is not enough, you can buy safe bns gold (safe bns gold kaufen) from a professional site.





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