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How to Farm BNS Gold from Professions - Crafting and Gathering

John Ryan April 28th, 2016 Blade and Soul    BNS Gold   

"There is one thing that I just couldn’t wrap my head around when I first started playing blade and soul, it was the crafting system. I’ve played plenty of games in my gaming career, but a crafting system in blade & soul unlike others I’ve ever experienced. The game's big income is mainly from dungeons and professions (gathering and crafting) that are a big part of any player's much-needed in later game stages." This is a player’s real comment of bns. From here, you can see professions are extremely important for all bns players, but how to gather and craft? How to level up craft? In this article, Mmogah as a reliable bns power leveling store will share some useful tips with you.


There are many crafting professions that you can learn once you reach level 13 Jadestone Village. You can pick them from a variety of sub professions. There are a total of 7 crafting guilds and 7 gathering guilds.


7 Crafting Guilds:

Blacksmith – weapons, repair hammers and so on;

Alchemist (Grand Medicine Institution) – elixirs, potions and antidotes;

Priests – tables and evolution stones;

Local Flavor (Cooking) – food (healing/boosting stats and so on);

Merry Potters - Bottles, containers, mining picks and refined materials; Merry Potters require Moonwater Stone, and we recommend you to craft this recipe from dungeon "The Brightstone Ruins".

Jewelers – accessories, gems and keys to chests;

Astrologers (Monarch Church) – escape talismans, unsealing talismans and revival talismans;

bns crafting guilds

7 Gathering Guilds:

Farmers (Harvest) - Pair well with Merry Potters and Acquired Taste

Woodcutters (Lumbermill) - Pair well with Soul Wardens and Merry Potter

Fishers - Pair well with Earthseers and Silver Cauldron

Hunters - Pair well with Acquired Taste and Soul Wardens

Herbalists (Medicinal) - Pair well with Silver Cauldron and Earthseers

Miners (Geology) - Pair well with Radiant Ring and Forgekeepers

Ogranshchiki (Masonry) - Pairs well with Radiant Ring and Forgekeepers


 bns gathering guilds

How do you gather and craft?

The crafting system doesn't require you to craft item by yourself, instead you only need to place an order to crafting guild and wait for guild member to complete your item. It can take 24 hours to finish depending on the item. After the item has been done, you will get Exp with craft item, but if you leave crafting/gathering guild at any time and switch to another one, you will lose all experience you gained.


Which guilds should you join together?


You can only join up to 2 crafting and 2 gathering guilds. 

When you choose a crafting guild, remember that you will also need to choose a gathering guild, in order to get the materials to craft. Crafting guilds work a bit different from gathering guilds – you can unlock new gatherable resources through finding their samples all over the world. It depends on what you want to craft, and certain combination of crafting professions work hand in hand. Some crafting and gathering guilds combine synergize better than others.

Each crafting guild is connected to 2 gathering guilds – you need to use their resources to craft, it is easy to craft materials by yourself. Of course you can buy materials from Auction House, if your bns gold is not enough, you can buy bns gold from a site.

 Here showing crafting guild requires items from gathering guild:

bns items


Leveling up your crafts

It is important to note that in order to level up your clan you will need multiple people from all professions. Clan crafting is important, since you can get guild outfits and certain items that unlock your skill tree.

You can level up your crafts by simply ordering guilds to produce materials for you all the time. It takes time and money but is really worth of doing on high level. Keep in mind that high level crafts require rare ingredients that were made by other guilds. 


From the above information, I hope it is helpful for you to farm bns gold.



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