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How to Choose a Reliable Blade and Soul Gold Seller without Getting Banned

Shirley Huang March 01st, 2016 Blade and Soul    BNS Gold   

Blade and soul gold is really important when you want to buy valuable materials or accessories, but it is not easy to farm, especially for the busy players. Now more and more players choose to buy bns gold from a professional website instead of farming it by themselves.

Selling blade & soul gold sites are everywhere, and it is easy to find that there are quite a lot of bns gold sellers. But how to choose a reliable bns gold seller without getting banned? As a legit, trustworthy and professional blade and soul gold seller, MmoGah has the same concern as all bns gold buyers. Today mmogah tells you how to choose a reliable site, and you can see what MmoGah can provide as follows.


1.   You should care more about what other players say than what the sellers say. Checking a site's reputation can help you learn more about it, and you can check its reputation on Trustpilot, Ownedcore and Epicnpc.

For example, you can search MmoGah on Google, and click Mmogah reviews on trustpilot, then you find that MmoGah has gotten 9.9 scores which is a high score in the gaming industry. A large number of reviews prove that mmogah service is excellent.


mmogah reviews


Then you can check MmoGah on Ownedcore or Epicnpc, and you find its threads – the best place to buy blade & soul gold and power leveling on Ownedcore and blade and soul gold for sale on Epicnpc! Many reviews there about good service and fast delivery on MmoGah show that this site has really excellent service. You can see some gamers’ reviews on Epicnpc as follows.

epic bns gold hot sale

You can check more mmogah reviews of mmobux, bizrate and other webs.


2.   The trade method is important that you should consider.

Through Cross-Server Dungeon. This is the best and fastest method. Until now, mmogah has finished the 99% orders via this method within 10 minutes.

 (Please don't leave the party until you get the gold, or mmogah will not deliver the gold again!)

If you want to learn more about mmogah's trading methods, you can read this article for more details: How to get smooth delivery when buying bns gold.

Through Marketplace

This is the safest trading method. Your character has to be at least Lv16, and you need to spend 3% trading fee.

Mmogah has finished the 90% orders of World of Warcraft gold  and ArcheAge gold via this method within 10 minutes.


3.   Full blade and soul gold in stock guarantees fast delivery.

There is enough BNS Gold on all US/EU servers. No matter how much bns gold you need, Mmogah can meet you.


4.   100% handwork blade and soul power leveling guarantees your account’s safety.

MmoGah has a professional power leveling team for years, which guarantees your power leveling is 100% handwork. So you don’t need to worry about your account’s safety.


All in all, we can honestly tell you that every transaction at Mmogah is safe enough. Our accounts which deliver to our customers are with normal character names and level, and we look like normal players. Furthermore, none of our customers got banned for buying bns gold at mmogah. Choosing Mmogah means choosing the best service and the safest blade & soul gold.





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