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  • How to Buy 100% Safe and Fast Blade and Soul Gold with Never Scam
    By John Ryan2016-02-05 00:00:00

    Once you are interested in buying blade and soul gold at Mmogah, you should carefully read the guide to buying BNS Gold in the following parts.


    Blade & Soul Gold at Mmogah

    Blade and Soul Gold at Mmogah

    The Advantages of Blade and Soul Gold at Mmogah

    1. About 90%+ BNS Gold Orders Completed within 10 mins: A plentiful supply of BNS Gold is the biggest guarantee for a fast delivery speed.


    2. Reasonable But Not Be the Cheapest BNS Gold Price: Mmogah obeys “The best gold seller’s orders and power leveling are not based on the cheapest price, but the safest and best services” all the time. None of the gold sellers could survive price war in the gaming industry, and oppositely a reliable gold seller who provides the professional service is gamers’ favorite choices. In a word, experienced and elite gamers focus on the good brand and reputation, not the cheap price.


    3. Safe BNS Gold and Various Delivery Methods: All transaction accounts are ours with normal player names and leveled characters. Professional customer services serve you (24/7/365), no matter what problems you have, just contact them without hesitation. Delivery methods are listed below.


    4. Refund Policy: If you have a BNS Gold pre-order and won’t wait any more, Mmogah will refund you at once. Mmogah respects the purchasing right of its customers. 

    Various and Safe Delivery Methods

    1. Through Cross-Server Dungeon (The best method): When you choose this way, please make sure you have learned about the following instructions.


    a. Your character must be Lv15 or higher, in order to join our Cross-Server Dungeon.


    b. We will confirm a Dungeon room. Our customer service will send the room number and password to you via Live Chat, Skype, SMS or Email. In order for you to receive the gold as soon as possible, please contact us or check your SMS or Email after completing your order.


    c. After receiving our message, please press F8 to join the Dungeon.


    d. You and our player will farm the Dungeon together. When a green quality item comes out, our player bids on it, but you need to click “Pass”, after this item you will receive the gold amount bought.



    How to Buy Blade and Soul Gold at Mmogah as cheaply as possible

    How to Buy Blade and Soul Gold at Mmogah as cheaply as possible

    Top Mmogah Coupons

    1. 3% OFF Code-Mmogah3 can be used directly in your order.

    2. 5% Discount: Like and comment our facebook page with a short sentence, or leave a review on Mmogah (if you want to write something more about Mmogah).

    3. 8% Discount: Leave a review about Mmogah on a site which can be logged in via Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts.

    4. 10% Discount: Write and publish a 400+ article of any games (which are at Mmogah), if you have an interest in writing

    5. 15% Discount: Create and upload a video for Mmogah, if you have some funny ideas, why not share them with us in some videos.

    (Notice: Mmogah has the ultimate power of interpretation of these coupons)


    Particular Coupons for Celebration

    Mmogah provides lots of particular coupons for celebration many times a year, like festival celebration (New Year’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Spring Festival…), Mmogah Anniversary and something worth celebrating (eg. ffxiv gil ranks on the top in google… ).



    Member at Mmogah

    Level 1: The total money you have spent is between 0-1999 USD, you get 1% discount.

    Level 2: The total money you have spent is between 2000-3999 USD, you get 2% discount.

    Level 3: The total money you have spent is larger than 4000 USD, you get 3% discount.


    Mmogah has three kinds of members, you can choose what level you like. Being a member at Mmogah can do not have to fill in same contact information every time when you place your order, which totally save manipulation time. It will automatically count the money you have spent, to get the corresponding discount. All of the discount in the former paragraphs are also applied here.


    There are still extra bonuses for the lager orders: The larger orders you place, the faster we will complete.

    An order for 800-4000Gold, you will get 2% bonus.

    An order for 4500-15000Gold, you will get 5% bonus.


    Where to buy Blade and Soul Gold? Which gold seller can provide safe and fast BNS Gold? How to get more bonuses when placing an order? If you are still bothered by those questions, why not have a try at Mmogah?