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How to Boost Fast in Blade and Soul

John Ryan February 16th, 2016 Blade and Soul    BNS Gold   

When a player starts playing a MMO, he/she must want to know about the secret of boosting fast. There is no exception for Blade and Soul players. As an emerging MMO, Blade and Soul has successfully attracted a large number of new and experienced gamers, it had reached 1000,000 members in the first week. Now, aside from focusing on farming BNS Gold, all gamers competitively boost their characters, so how to boost fast in Blade and Soul is what the gamers really care about.

How to Boost Fast in Blade and Soul

To be honest, regardless of how fast boost, before Level 15 doing the main quests, daily dungeons and assortment of side quests, often all completed in one small area of the map is the basis. Every day go back and do your daily dungeons for your level, especially if soloing them is rather reasonable for you. This will get you some loot and a sizable XP boost to level up fast in Blade and Soul.


Except for the basic main quests and daily dungeons, there are also some other useful means. To utilize XP boosting food. You can get some for free, or some with BNS Gold or buy some on the marketplace. However you choose to consume your XP food, it’ll provide a nice boost, and can even turn the game into easy mode for a few levels as you’ll quickly outpace the content. Hongmoon Soup is good for this, but while things will be faster, you’re also going to be stressed to get the most out of it.

How to Boost Fast in Blade and Soul

What a good news! Blackram Narrows is the first dungeon in Blade & Soul and becomes available at around level 20. The dungeon itself is quite tough so it is highly recommended that you do it with a group of people. The dungeon consists of 3 ‘main’ bosses and a few mini bosses. Most significantly, if you complete the Blackram Narrows dungeon 10 times, you'll gain access to the 400 HP bonus attribute which you can apply in the Achievements window (shortcut 'U' key) under Bonus Attributes. That's a huge boon that you can't ignore.


Certainly, all the former means are provided for gamers who have time in MMO. Oppositely, there are some game fans who have jobs should not spend a lot of time on boosting, and rich guys they just want to level for fun without wasting their time... For all these guys, just find a professional Blade and Soul Power Leveling site and ask it for help. A professional Blade and Soul Power Leveling site provides 100% safe, 100% satisfactory and 100% handwork service. It will customize your personal leveling service.


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