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How Does PvP System Work in Blade and Soul (Section Two: World PvP)

When it comes to skill-based competitive play, nothing can come close to the ultimate experience of the Arena. There are many varied ways on how you can challenge other martial artists in PvP combat. These can be simply entering the Arena and competing against other martial artists to test your skills in World PvP equipped with a Faction uniform.


In the beginning of the game, Blade and Soul players must reside either the Cerulean Order or the Crimson Legion, the two ruling factions are in the Earthly Realm. Because of the great difference in philosophies, these two factions regularly fight against one another. Do you support a free willing philosophy from the Cerulean Order? Or do you believe that the military can bring real happiness to the realm? Make your decision well.


In all open World PvP areas, players can kill enemy NPC or complete some objectives to gain PvP points. You have to walk/run back to base to turn in. The more points you hoard up before you turn in, the better rewards you will get. However, if you are killed by the opposing player before you turn in, they will take ALL of your points and blade and soul gold. The reward for racking up a lot of points at once is quite lucrative. This will be the biggest incentive for players to kill each other during the open world PvP.


world PvP system work in blade and soul


After joining a faction, the player will be given a faction uniform. It must be equipped in order to join the World PvP, do daily faction quests, or use a faction Windstride port.


Most of the time, these two factions are fighting each other because of resources. If a martial artist would like to join the World PvP, should open the map and look for faction symbols, travel there, and equip a faction uniform.


In some versions of the game, there are also large-scale PvP contests, where participating players go into a mega instance and compete in a much more heated battle. However, many big guilds in servers end up monopolizing these trades and just trading winners with each other.


Soul stone and Moon stone are mostly acquired in open world PvP where you compete with the opposite faction for resources. These stones are used in crafting and upgrading gear, so they are very valuable (and also sell well). You cannot turn off PvP while doing these quests or your progress is reset to 0, so when you start doing the quest, you need to commit until you’re done. (As with most objective-based PvP, people will trade winners and avoid unnecessary fighting unless one side has a number of advantages to bully the other)


There is a vast difference between being an Arena combatant and a World fighter and that difference is quite obvious. While Arena PvP lets you indulge in solo combat, making a masterful martial artist out of you, World PvP puts you in a faction where you will be teamed with characters who share the same philosophy as yours, at least within the Blade and Soul realms. If you would like to understand more information about Arena PvP, please review my previous article: How Does PvP System Work in Blade and Soul (section one: Arena PvP), and it shows more details about Arena PvP.


Entering World PvP dresses you up in your chosen faction’s costume and requires you to do regular faction quests – all in the name of being a character in either the Cerulean Legion or the Crimson Legion.


World PvP largely works on a merit system. Belonging to a faction, this would most certainly be the case. As a result of being an awesome fighter for your faction, your character is rewarded with prestige points that you get, to keep it if you manage to stay alive long enough and gather the fruits of all the points you manage to rack up. After this incentive when you are essentially as a World PvP player, remember that losing your life means losing the points. Like most precious currencies, these prestige points are valuable only when you’re in an actual session.


Choosing whether to play in an Arena or World PvP is certainly based on what you intend to accomplish. Evidently there is one goal for either Arena or World PvP, and it is to be merited with actual rewards that can be used to beef up your skills and then you can use in other quests. It is recommended to have a high level character before participating in the World PvP. With what you know all these information given, or with how you’ve played before, you should have a very good insight about how you will strategize, and in which play in the environment.





Finally, no matter what you like Arena or World PvP in Blade and Soul, or both of them, it will bring more happiness to you while playing, I think. So don’t hesitate, do it now. Mmogah will help you finish all your dreams in Blade and Soul such as: classes’ introduction, Blade and Soul Gold selling, as well as BNS power leveling service etc. if you require.



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