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How Does PvP System Work in Blade and Soul (Section One: Arena PvP)

John Ryan March 17th, 2016 Blade and Soul    BNS Gold   

PvP in Blade and Soul is categorized into two types, a personal PvP called Arena PvP and a large-scale PvP called World PvP. First let’s talk about Arena PvP:


The Arena system will match you up with an opponent of similar skill, based on its ranking, to provide the most even and fair competition possible. If you’d rather practice your martial skills and not affect your ranking in Blade and Soul, you can choose to spar with other players by selecting the Sparring option at the bottom of the Arena Lobby, and enter your opponent’s character name. Note that entering an opponent’s name is case sensitive. Also will not affect you to grind gold in blade and soul.


PvP in Blade & Soul is based on an optional flagging system. Early on the story, players will be able to choose between the player factions Crimson Legion or the Cerulean Order. However, there are also NPC factions in the game with their own specific faction costumes that also open up PvP. At Level 16, players have to complete special quests to join their faction of choice. When the quest is completed, players will be given a specific costume that represents their faction. These costumes are called Doboks. You can also buy them from the factions’ quartermaster, if you’ve misplaced your quest reward Dobok.

PVP in blade and soul

Once your opponent has been chosen, your character will be transferred to the Dueling Grounds where you will enter a 30 second preparation period prior to starting the fight. In the preparation period, you’ll be able to adjust your skill points to contend against your opponent as you see fit. Once you’ve selected and learned your skills and are ready for battle, press Shift +F to begin the round before the preparation timer runs out.


Dobok is the uniform worn by practitioners of Korean martial arts. Like all body armor in Blade & Soul, these PvP Doboks provide no stat advantages to your character, and besides their PvP purpose, and purely cosmetic PvP in Blade & Soul is based on an optional flagging system. If players wish to actively engage in player battles, they need to equip special PvP Doboks (armor). Players can duel with the opponents who wear corresponding Doboks directly and freely. No one can fight against those who do not wear any Doboks.


Arena matches are the best of the three, with each round being determined by either the first player to reduce opponent’s health to zero, or by the total amount of damage dealt within three minutes—if neither opponent reaches zero health. Survive two rounds to win the match.


Players who wish to actively engage in player battles need to equip special PvP costumes. They then can duel with the opponents who wear the opposite faction's costume directly and freely. No one can fight against those who do not wear any costumes. In the game, the players who don’t wear Doboks or wear the same type of Doboks, will have white names attached over their heads. Red names indicate attackable players. Swapping out gear while in combat is not allowed. Players will be able to attack other players with red names anywhere in the world.


You’ll receive PvP currency—Zen Beans—through most forms of PvP, including PvP daily quests. You’ll receive significantly more Zen Beans from winning in Arenas than from losing, and you can spend your Zen Beans on rewards, like skill upgrades, crafting, and upgrade materials. While Blade & Soul will launch with Arenas and their compelling skill-based gameplay, the biggest rewards will come from ranked competitive Seasons, and we’ll have more information after releasing on Seasons and how they’ll work.


Once the opponent is successfully taken down, a ‘coin’ will drop. Players' reputation to their respectful faction increases by turning in these coins. Having a better reputation equals higher rank among PvPers. Players will also be able to get better PvP gears. However, these coins can also be used to improve rewards and loot from PvE contents. Also, players can increase crafting reputation in their respectful faction by equipping their faction Doboks while crafting.


When you get to the Emerald Village, you will get a chance to join either the villages’ forces or the opposing forces. You initiate these fights by wearing the uniform of the respective forces. However, it is much easier to fight along the side of the villages forces because the opposing forces has to fight a boss and one mini boss along with village spawns and other players will be killing you as well.


In addition, if you are on the opposing side, you can only get your token off the main boss spawn whereas the village forces can easily get tokens by killing players of the opposing force. The Warlock will prove to be an interesting class for those looking for a challenge, especially when it comes to competitive 1v1 PvP as the character has both strong and weak sides that can be easily exploited.


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