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Helpful Blade and Soul PvE Guide for Players

John Ryan March 23rd, 2016 Blade and Soul    BNS Gold   

As many players know, there are two play modes in MMORPGS: PvP (Player vs Player) and PvE (Player vs Environment). PvP is exciting and challenging in blade and soul, and we have introduced bns PvP guide last week. Today we continue to introduce another blade & soul play mode: PvE to bns players.

As we all know that much of the blade & soul gold comes from running dungeons and doing quests, so it is essential for players to master some skills.

Whatever running dungeons or doing quests, finally you still need to beat bosses. There are various types of bosses littering the world as well as inside dungeons, and they are larger and more powerful than other enemies.

bns boss

Red Area of Effect Damage Indicator

The bosses have two indicators that can signal an incoming attack. One is gold, the other is red, and the red indicator can signal when lethal danger is coming. So players need to avoid to touch the red.

Crowd Control Shield

Crowd Control shield can protect the bosses from crowd control attacks. To break the shield, two consecutive and similar types of crowd control must be applied in a very short window.

Crowd control shield for boss is extremely important, and it allows the player to gain additional DPS as well as stopping lethal attacks, since the crowd control shield should be prioritized and saved for the lethal attacks, especially the red AoE.

Repeatedly hitting or attacking a boss in a dungeon is the best way. If you have no time or no energy to do it, you can buy blade and soul gold (blade and soul gold kaufen) to strengthen weapons and easily beat the boss.


For the players, you can try to maximize DPS, make good use of boss combos and choose the suitable class to boost damage ability. Each class has its skills in PvE. For example:

Blade Master is the popular class, and its solo ability is strong in Sword Gust and Blood Gust as well as AoE skills, but for the new players, I don't recommend that they choose Blade Master, since it is not so easy to use Block Counter well.

Assassin is a good class but not the best class for solo PvE. She has invisibility skill that enables her to bypass other small monsters and head to the boss directly, but she doesn't have powerful AoE skills.

bns Assassin

Summoner has great utility and powerful solo ability, and it might be the easiest class. As long as he can enter the dungeon, and then he can complete the dungeon alone, since he has strong healable skill plus a powerful summoner cat. Besides, Summoner can play trick using cat to bypass the small monsters in front of the boss and head to the boss directly. So if you are a solo player and don't like to communicate with others, then Summoner is the best class for you.

In brief, if you master PvE skills, it won't difficult to beat the bosses. If you want to learn more about bns news, you can visit mmogah, who is a professional blade and soul gold store, and we can provide blade and soul power leveling service to you. Choosing us means choosing the professional service!

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