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Guide to Vipercap Gauntlet Event in Blade and Soul

From May 11 to June 1, players level 36 and above will be able to access the Frozen Vipercap Cavern in Blade and Soul through the Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby. It’s a race against time to defeat the Giant Golden Vipercap inside.


A 6-man team is a better choice to enter this Frozen Vipercap Cavern dungeon, because defeating the final boss quickly need players to stack poison buff on boss as much as possible. Players should enter the dungeon together and your party will see a jar at the starting point. Break this jar, a NPC called suspicious jar will appear. After the NPC introduces the rules of the dungeon, the flaming wall blocking the dungeon entrance will disappear and the timer will start.


The more time you spend in this cavern, the less awards you will get from the chests. In other words, the final reward is depend on your speed. The player who runs faster can kill the minions on the road side and pick up the poison pearl dropped from them to clear the road. The monsters along the road are small golden vipercaps good at phantom grip skill, which can grip you when you run into its red skill range. Try to use invincible or resist skills to run as fast as you can.


Boss guide: As a boss in event, it should not be too difficult. At first glance, it has a surprising 1800w+ HP, however, if players master the techniques, this boss will be killed at a short time. Boss will summon poisonous mushrooms around it randomly. This mushroom will drop a kind of throwing item which can bring a poisonous buff to boss, and more importantly, this buff can be stacked.Editor suggested that 1 melee class should tank the boss and keep do damage, the other 5 players should kill small mushrooms and stacked boss’ poisonous buff as quick as possible. Defeat the Giant Golden Vipercap to stop the timer and collect your Cavern Fungus event currency. Once you have enough mushrooms, you can trade them in the Dragon Express for your rewards!


The Vipercap Gauntlet will be available from May 11 until June 1, and characters level 36 and above will be able to run the dungeon once per day for free during that time. Using Frozen Vipercap Cavern Reset purchased from the Hongmoon Store to get additional runs beyond the free daily access. After the event you’ll still be able to spend any remaining Cavern Fungus currency you have, and use any Upgrade Nebula Stones you purchased, but only until June 22.

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