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Guide to the Altar of Divine Will of Blade and Soul


The battle between the character and Jinsoyun finally erupted at the Altar of Divine will. Jinsoyun determined to summon the Dark Lord to the Eastern Realm to fulfill her ambition. As a Hoonmoon disciple, you should strive to stop this evil power. This dungeon is only available for a 6-man team.

Dungeon Location:

Silverfrost Mountain→Talus Dominion PalaceAltar of Divine Will


1. First stage of Jinsoyun

It is not difficult to defeat Jinsoyun in this stage. She has a not high skill damage and mainly uses melee skills, only two skills need to notice: First, a lightning AOE circle, pay attention to not run into this circle. Second, she can float in the air and cast a strike-ground skill which will give you a knockdown effect. If you are hit, you will under continuous floating hits. In a word, you should prepare to use resist skills or SS to block this skill when you see a red circle on the ground.


Skill list:


AOE knockdown skill. You can run out of the range or use block skill.

Dark blade:

Release her blade’s dark chi forwards with a low casting speed.


Dark pulse:

A large damaging photosphere. Use block or counter skills to resist.


Summon demons:

Summon a number of demons which have no damage but will cast a slow-down debuff to you.


Phantom grip:

Drain your HP slowly when gripped. Use invincible skills like QESS to avoid.


Dark Chi bursting:

Suddenly burst her dark Chi to knock back you and deal damage.



She jumps into the air and uses her blade to strike the ground. If you are knocked down, a set of floating hits are waiting for you, dealing huge damage.


Dark retribution:

Summon a wide range of lightning circle. After that, Jinsoyun will cast four-hits slash to aggro target, the fourth hit has a floating effect.



2. Second stage of Jinsoyun

Skill list:

Summon evils: same to the first stage.

Continuous dark pulse:

Jinsoyun will cast several dark photospheres to a single player.


Dark Jinsoyun’s avatars:

Jinsoyun can summon two avatars timingly, which can use phantom grip and dark pulse skills to aggro target. Try to kill avatars first to keep tank’s safe.


Full-screen skill of Dark Jinsoyun:

When subtitle appears, there will be five phantoms of your master. You should run to one of them to avoid this super skill, which will deal horrible damage if you don’t avoid.


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