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Guide to Mushin's Tower F9-15

Today, mmogah wants to share with you an ultimate guide to Mushin's Tower 9-15 of Blade and Soul.

F9 Chochunka - Released from Corruption Orb


LV. 50 HM2  HP: 1.06 million

An easy boss with simple attack mode, most of its skills can be easily dodged. Attention: The machinery around the room will start when title ‘The Corruption Orb Dispenser has been activated’ shows on the screen. Go to trigger this machinery at first time, then the boss will be hit by a big iron hammer, which deals about 15K damage to boss and interrupts its full-screen skill.


F10 Mifu - Released from Tainted Gauntlet


LV. 50 HM2  HP: 0.99 million

Also an easy boss. You have many opportunities to do damage but pay attention to your position. Its full-screen skill will generate several flame circles, and then it will throw fireballs to you. What’s more, boss will jump into the air and strike on the ground to cast another full-screen flaming skill - Flaming Hand - which can not be interrupted but can be dodged by invincible skills like QESS of BM. You can break the nearby box to get a 5s of invincible buff.


F11 The Dokkaebi King - Pal Haemo


LV. 50 HM2  HP: 0.97 million

Easy boss, easy attack mode.

Attention: Title ‘The Dokkaebi Weapon Rack has been activated’ shows on the screen when boss prepares to cast full-screen flaming skill. At this time, boss will generate several flaming traps and throw fireballs, at the same time resist all your attacks and skills. You should pick up this weapon immediately to break the three Haemo gourds on the ground to penetrate this shield.


F12 The Scorpio King - Pytheon


LV. 50 HM2  HP: 1.01 million

Stage 1: Like a TowerDefense map. Protect the central glass coffin against three waves of minions.

Use the red pearl to summon golden dummy to help you kill minions. Use the green pearl to restore chi of glass coffin. Attention: Kill Frostscale/Bladescale Naga and Frenzied Sharptooth first, because they attack the glass coffin directly. These minions can be affected by control skills.

Stage 2: Enraged Pytheon will appear after 3 waves of minions. Its attack mode is similar to the pytheon in Necropolis. Its main skills: Charge Slash, Charge Strike, Pytheon Blindside, Pytheon Spin, Lightning Call, Frontal Block. These skills are cast at a low speed. This floor will not be a problem if you do more exercises.


F13 The Ancient Guardian - Koujin & Sekjin


LV. 50 HM2  HP: 1.35 million

The wheel of Misfortune decides which sacred beast will emerge, Koujin or Sekjin. Turn the wheel again to change boss.


Koujin: Just run around it and attack. Pay attention to its lightning skills.

Sekjin: Players who have experience of tanking Fujin in Naryu Labyrinth can pass this floor easily. They have the almost same attack mode. Attention: It will cast counter skill after ground sweep kick. Remember to use defense-breaking skill to stun/daze boss. Do more exercises, this floor will be easy.


F14 Naryu automaton - Ironheart


LV. 50 HM2  HP: 1.33 million

This floor will set a hard test on your positions in battle. Boss’ attack mode is similar to the automaton in Talus Dungeon, but missile skill and charge stance skill were added. The boss will switch to missile mode after jump into the air and cast electric AOE skill, you should keep a safe distance at this time. A flaming circle will be generated after missile launched, doing a lot of damage towards you, which can almost kill you. So, try to avoid this circle when you do damage. You can run close to it and attack when the boss launched all the missiles, then the boss will transform into an electric ball. You can use counter skills to stun/daze it directly in this mode.

What’s more, 3 small black automatons and 1 red automaton will be summoned to repair the boss when it gathers chi. At this time, small automatons and the boss are invincible. You should kill the red one instantly, picking up the pearl dropped from it and throwing the pearl to boss, at the same time, you should continue to kill the other 3 small machines immediately. If not, when the boss gathers enough chi, it will cast a full-screen seckill skill.

This floor has a fast pace of fight, which needs a high level of mechanics compared to the last 5 floors.


F15 The nightmare of the East - Naksun


LV. 51 HM3  HP: 1.71 million

The last floor is the farmer grandpa, a strenthened Kung Fu master, Naksun, who has two stage of skill mode. A hard one.

Stage 1:

Skill list: Guiding Fist、Shadowdance、Footwork、Leg Sweep (knockdown)、counter (deflect)、Straight Jab (can not defense)、Evade

Watch his QE, prepare to block. Watch his counter, if not, Sky Kick and Rising Flurry will follow up.

Next, Naksun will drink alcohol and charge, which can not be interrupted, but Split Fire skill is easy to evade.

Naksun drinks 2 kinds of alcohol: spirit and sake. 


Spirit - Flurry - (If Floating) - (Rising Flurry)

Sake - Throw Plates (4 hits)

Stage 2:

Drinking alcohol skill at this stage can be interrupted.

Skill sequence: Frozen ult (2 stage of damage and effect) - Flurry - (If Floating) - (Rising Flurry)

                                                                                                           - Flash

                                                                                                           - Shattered Ground (can not defense)

Frozen ult has no attack animation, so it is hard to judge which skill (Flash/Shattered Ground) will be cast.

Video: CN Blade Master YuanQuan killed Naksun on Mushin's tower 15F in 1min56s.

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