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Guide to Choosing A Class in Blade and Soul

By John Ryan2016-02-16

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Due to unique combat system in blade & soul, you may be confused that how to choose a class. Here MmoGah as one of the best blade and soul gold sellers and a professional blade and soul power leveling site shares some useful information with you.

There are 7 classes in blade and soul, and each class has its own features. Some classes are good at PVP, but they are weak at raiding alone. All the classes have their advantages and disadvantages.


Weapon: Wand/Staff
Difficulty: Easy
Available Races: Lyn
Advantages: Powerful solo ability, strong heal skills plus a powerful cat.
Disadvantages: Low defensive ability and reliance on pet.
Summoner is a special class, which makes good use of a cat that is cute with powerful.

summoner in blade and soul

Force master

Weapon: Chi Bracelet
Difficulty: Normal
Available Races: Yun, Lyn, Gon
Advantages: Long range attack and strong damage ability.
Disadvantages: Lack of Block skills.
Force Master is suitable for Players who enjoy playing Mage classes.
If you don't want to get your hands dirty and prepare to deal out a great deal of damage from a distance, the Force Master is definitely the class for you. 

force master in blade and soul


Weapon: Giant Axe
Difficulty:  Normal
Available Races: Gon
Advantages: Has a unique toolkit and strong attack ability.
Disadvantages: A formulaic class and low single target damage ability.
Destroyer has a unique toolkit, which allows him to jump in battle and control the position of opponents, and then stay alive as long as possible.

Blade Dancer

Weapon: Sword
Difficulty:  Normal
Available Races: Lyn
Advantages: Strong solo ability, high AOE skills and swift attack.
Disadvantages: Low damage ability and defensive ability.
Blade Dancer is favored by those who like characters that are able to form quick attacks that allow blade dancer to successfully handle a variety of enemies.

Kung Fu master

Weapon: Fists
Difficulty: Expert
Available Races: Gon, Jin, Yun
Advantages: fast-paced attack, high defense ability, be good at overpowering opponents.
Disadvantages: Low AOE skill.
The Kung Fu Master is good at overpowering opponents through sheer quickness using counters. It is known as the most difficult class to play well in the game.


Weapon: Dagger
Difficulty: Hard
Available Races: Jin
Advantages: Invisibility skill, high burst damage ability and high mobility.
Disadvantages: Lack of AOE skills and low defense ability.
The Assassin is a special class, which can attack opponents invisibly. It is good at attacking low-level opponents.

Blade master

Weapon: Sword
Difficulty: Hard
Available Races: Yun, Jin
Advantages: High damage ability and mobility and high attack ability.
Disadvantages: Low defense ability and long range attack.
The Blade Master is a well-rounded class that is easy to use but difficult to master.

In conclusion, you can choose any one class that is suitable for your play style, and we hope that you can enjoy your game.

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